Golden Fish Tank

Golden Fish Tank is set in a fish tank, hence the name. This aquatic pokie submerges players among cartoony fish. The tank has some sand along the floor and a few toys, to keep the player and fish amused. This pokie is not based on any fish in popular culture; it is an original theme, but definitely not the first fish themed pokie.




Golden Fish Tank was developed by Yggdrasil gaming. Named after a mythical tree that connects the nine worlds in Norse cosmology, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they are a company headquartered in Malta. They released their first game in 2013, making them a younger pokie developer.


This makes the achievements of the company all the more significant, as their games compete with the releases from massive developers, who have been around for decades. Yggdrasil, develop original game. They offer something different to what the bigger companies are, and are always doing something to differentiate their games. Their titles are exciting, and novel, but that is not to say, that they do not do the basics right. Their titles still have great gameplay, with good RTPs symbol values and jackpots.




Golden Fish Tank is set in a fish tank, as mentioned earlier. The background image is a light blue, designed to give the appearance of water. There are some fish toys and sand below the reels, which was a good design choice, as it breaks up the monochrome background.


There are subtle animations that give the impression that the fish are floating. All of the symbols bounce up and down slightly on the reels. They are also transparent reels. All of these little design choices work well together, and differentiate this pokie, by giving it the appearance of having fish in a tank, and not on reels.


The fish are cartoony. The design is good, but not great. Yggdrasil fell short of visual excellence, but it is by no means an ugly pokie. The panel is found under the reels, and it houses all the games controls. The panel has black buttons, which is at odds with the bright colour choices of the design.


How to play


Golden Fish Tank is a twenty payline pokie. It has generic gameplay. An experienced pokie player already knows how to play this game, and a beginner will pick it up, quickly enough.


The reels are spun with the spin button. Wins are played left to right, requiring the first reel in a winning payline to be in the furthermost reel to the left. The player wins by lining up matching symbols across adjacent reels, in accordance with the Paytable. Symbols vary in value, as a rule of thumb the picture symbols are higher value in pokie games. The player’s bet is placed before spinning the reels to have it take effect.


Special Features


There are Wild Symbols in Golden Fish Tank and they will substitute symbols to make winning paylines. Wild Symbols are common in this game and they can land on any reel.


Another base game feature is the Golden Bet. Next to the Spin Button, there is a button with +5 on it. When the player presses this, they bet an extra five coins per spin, but it rewards an extra feature pick in the free spins feature, and because wins are multiplied by bets, bigger wins.


The free spins game is triggered by landing three or more of the Scatter Symbol, anywhere on the reels. Before the player is given their free spins, they are taken to a mini game. The player selects between shells to unearth feature, which they can take into the free spins.


These features vary, from multipliers to additional wilds and other common pokie features. Landing three scatters gives the player 6 spins played at the value of the bet, and three mini game picks. If they player lands more scatters they are rewarded more spins and picks, all of the schematics are in the game info.


Maximum Payout


The highest possible win in Golden Fish Tank, is a decent 10,000 coins. The currency value of this win is dependent on the player’s bet. At max bet, this equates to 20,000 euros, which is an impressive jackpot, especially for a smaller pokie developer.




Golden Fish Tank is a playfully themed fish pokie. It is well designed, but no visual marvel. There is a free spins feature with lots of features, chosen in a pick and choose mini game. There is big winning potential and players will enjoy this new pokie from Yggdrasil.

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