OMG KIttens

Just as the name goes, the OMG! Kitten Slot Machine is about the theme of kittens. For those who love kittens find this game more than just a slot machine.


The game is popular in Las Vegas, and it is this popularity that prompted the developers (William’s Interactive) to introduce the dog-themed follow up – which has been named the OMG Puppies.


The OMG phrase has derived from the “Oh My God” reference to cute pets like dogs and cats. Actually, the game itself is more of an OMG itself since it’s amazingly addictive to play.


For those who love kittens (who doesn’t?), the game is a perfect platform to win great prizes where you get to play various bonus slot games for simply spotting the cute kittens.


Therefore, if you are looking to win some incredible prizes, then OMG! Kittens Slot Machine is exactly what you’ve been searching for.


How to Play

The game is about four very cute kittens you have ever seen. They include: Tiger (stripy and marmalade-cultured), Bubbles (white and fluffy kitten), Mr. Whisker (brown in color with a charming moustache), and Fish Cat (somehow has a fondness for the goldfish).


The aim of the game is to spot all the kittens along with some of their favorite things and what they seem to like, such as balls of wool and milk. The Tiger kitten, Mr. Whiskers, and Bubbles all come with bonuses that range from free spins to multipliers.


The OMG! Kittens Slot Machine isn’t just a game for those who love kittens, but for everyone else too. The best thing about this game is the fact that you can as well stake each spin with regards to your budget.


Maximum Payouts

You simply win by spotting the favorite items of the kittens, and these include milk and balls of wool. The items may worth up to about 187.5 coins.


At the same time, there are other items such as kitten collars, which are also worth up to 187 coins. The good thing? The Kittens tend to leave their collars in the garden when playing.


You can also win by spotting the kittens themselves, whereby they are worth up to 2500 coins. More prizes are at disposal if you spot the kittens on reels 1 to 4 simultaneously. Better yet, in case you spot a kitten on reel 5 at the same time, you are awarded a multiplier of 2X_ 3X_ 5X_ 10X_ or 100X.  If you think that’s all you can win, then think again! The fun continues whereby if the kittens are spotted on reels 1 to 4, the OMG Bonus Symbol will appear in reel 5. This means that you’ll start with 5 free spins.


Better still; the free spins can go from 5 to 45 if the Bubbles kitten triggers the bonus. And if the Tiger kitten is responsible for triggering the bonus, then you are more likely to win a multiplier of up to 10X. The Mr. Whiskers is not left out too – if this kitten triggers the bonus, then you might win up to 1000 coins.


Special Features

As expected, the game doesn’t miss special features that make it more engaging when playing. One special feature is Kittens Playground, where you’ll find the kittens playing in a garden under a bright sunshine whilst the birds tweet. The game also features the Paw-Print reel spinner, which is an awesome feature developed by the WMS guys.


The OMG! Kittens Slot Machine features “Stake” whereby there is a set of 40 paylines on any spin. However, these paylines can be staked 25 different ways, starting from 0.01 to 2.5 coins. It simply means that you can play with a minimum bet of 0.4 coins per spin. The maximum bet is 100 coins per spin.


Final Thoughts

The game is so amazing and enjoyable, given that you get to play with very cute kittens. Its prizes are worth playing for since every prize is fun-themed. OMG! Kittens Slot game also comes with some really fun and lucrative bonuses.


As a matter of fact, once you begin playing the slot machine, you’ll find yourself smitten with the cute kittens such that you wouldn’t want to stop playing. This is an amazing game for kitten lovers and anyone else who would like to win some mind-blowing prizes.


So where can you play OMG! Kittens Slot Machine? Well, Las Vegas Paradise and Jackpot paradise are top examples where you can play online. And you get a bonus of $/£200 for new players.

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