Epic Monopoly II

Epic Monopoly II is themed around the popular board game monopoly. It is not a very good theme. They have included some monopoly related stuff on the reels, which are the same light green as a monopoly board, but that is where the theme stops. The background of the pokie is a red curtain with a couple marble pillars holding it up. This does not scream monopoly.


WMS developed Epic monopoly II. WMS Gaming is a subsidiary company of WMS industry. They have been making games for a long time. In 1943 the Williams Manufacturing Company was founded. The company became William Electronics in 1974.

This online pokie company can trace its roots back through the video game arcades, to honest hardworking pinball machine makers. They are today, a completely owned subsidiary of scientific games, a massive company in its own right. WMS are one of the bigger pokie developers; they have a strong land based casino presence, and release regular titles, for the online market.


Epic Monopoly II is poorly designed. The interface is cluttered, and it looks like a cheap pokie. A lot of this is probably to do with, the colossal reel set, which the special features section will explain. Epic Monopoly II has two sets of reels.


There is a five-reel pokie, which acts as the main reels on the left of the interface. The colossal reels are a giant 5×12 ordeal, which has been squished onto the right of the interface. All the symbols are small, and it looks ugly and messy. The background image, does not add to the theme. It is a red curtain draped over a stage, with some concert pillars.

How to Play

All of the reels in both the main and colossal reels will spin, when the player presses the Spin Button. Wins are played left to right in both sets of reels. They can win independent of on another, or the colossal reels can add onto lines. It is difficult to explain by the gist of it is, some lines will play across both sets of reels.


The players winning line will still play from the furthermost left reel, in the main reels. There are over 100 paylines, spread across the two sets of reels. The player can find more information about paylines in the help menu. The help menu has information, about paylines, symbol value, and betting.

Special Features

Epic Monopoly II’s in reel features are based around the colossal reels. When a stacked Epic Wild lands on the main reels, it goes through a symbol transfer and is moved to the colossal reels. The four high stack of wilds now covers an entire colossal reel. There are a lot more symbols for the Wild to substitute so logically it will result in more wins.
Landing three or more scattered bonuses across the reels triggers the bonus reel.


The player is rewarded a multiplier for landing more than three of the symbols on the reels. The highest multiplier is 100x times total bet added to the bonus wheel win. It is a very simple spinning wheel type, game of chance. It can reward the player money or unlock one of the other bonus games.
Landing on it, in the Bonus Wheel unlocks the Epic Chance Bonus. This feature also plays off the other bonuses. It can reward the player twenty free spins, ten rolls in the Around the Board Bonus or a monetary value. The player picks between five cards to play the game.
The Around the Board Bonus is theme after the monopoly board game. The player rolls the dice, and moves a symbol around the board. There are many rules, as the game has tried to incorporate a lot of monopoly. The gist of it is landing on properties wins the player money.

Maximum Payout

The Epic Wild Symbol carries the highest value in the game. Landing five in a row wins the player 250 credits. If the player is looking for a bigger in WMS has released that there is a combination, which will win 250,000 coins. At a guess, this would involve carry wins across the two sets of reels, and many wilds.


Epic Monopoly II is a new addition to the titles of WMS. It is an ugly looking pokie, with some different reel mechanics. It is not a very good pokie. The colossal reels do not have any advantages over traditional reels. This game is slow and tedious and the features are boring. WMS can consider this game a flop.

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