Bruce Lee

A true legend in his field of marital arts including wing chun, Chinese martial arts and Jeet Kune do. This pokie pays tribute to Bruce Lee’s career and life of trailblazing fighting styles and movies.


The symbols offers the lucky golden coins bringing wealth tied together with red ribbon, ninja star in gold, Bruce Lee doing one of his famous kicks backed by a ying yang sign behind him, two silver swords crossing with wooden handles, Bruce Lee logo on red energetic background with dragon, green background with golden dragon, Bruce Lee’s face ported with golden Chinese writing and chakra sticks.


How to Play

WMS designed a pokie offering great wins to commemorate Bruce Lee on 5 reels with 60 paylines and brave features to take the winning fight including fee spins and wild symbol. The functional keys are easily accessible at the bottom of the screen with a bold indication of their function in white.


The jackpot offers a 400 coins in its bonus payout and players will enjoy the benefits from a large coins selection to play with, starting from an all-time low of 0.01 to 1.00 per line and the maximum bet will allow up to 60.00 per spin.


The reels are unique with a coloured column on the left side of the reels showing the word burst on the top followed downwards with blocks of red, yellow and blue to the word lines at the bottom. The 5 reels are made up of 2 reels of 2 rows and 3 reel of 4 rows. The background of the reels itself is in a beige colour with Chinese art imprinted.


Special Features

Bruce Lee’s face portrait is the wild symbol and once it activates on the reel it stands in for all the symbols to complete winning combinations excluding the red and golden treasure chest.

Free Spins are triggered in 3 different ways. Method one: The first 2 reels offering only two rows are split up with reel 1A and 2A as the top reels and the bottom two are referred to as 1B and 2B. Once reels 1 and 2A, 1 and 2B all contains 4 symbols that matched and reels 3, 4 and 5 have a 3 scatters, which are the red and gold treasure chest, 20 free spins will be awarded.


Reels 1 and 2A, 1 and 2B will be held and 1 high kick bonus symbol will land on reels 3, 4 and 5 making them wild and one of the Bruce Lee face portrait symbols randomly on each of the remaining reels. During free spins, an alternative set of reels are used and the free spin feature cannot be triggered in the duration of the feature.


Method 2: if reel 1 and 2A, 1 and 2B contain 4 matching symbols, 5 free spins are awarded and the reels will be held during the free spins, 3 treasure chest symbols adds 5 additional free spins to the amount of free spins reaming.


Method 3: If 3 treasure chest on reels 3, 4 and 5, 5 free spins are awarded and 1 high kick symbol lands on reel 3, 4 and 5 will make it wild and 1 Bruce Lee face portrait lands randomly on each of the other remaining two reels.



In conclusion, this is a game full of action and intriguing bonus structures. Whether you are looking for a fascinating game or you are a Bruce Lee fan, this Bruce Lee Pokie game is a must try.


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