Pokie games based on iconic Hollywood blockbusters have been quite popular with players. Las Vegas based developer Bally tapped into this genre by basing their game on James Cameron epic from the 90s, the Titanic.


Bally have been previously involved with TV and movie themed pokie games, and their experience shows in the Titanic pokie game. Whether it is incorporation of Celine Dion’s hit soundtracks, integration of videos and voice quotes, progressive jackpots, or bonus features, Titanic promises a truly immersive experience.



How To Play


The game allows a minimum of 0.40 and maximum of 4 as credit to bet across the three tiers. In other words, unlike a lot of other pokies, this is a game that tries to accommodate the needs of both the low and high stake players.


We particularly liked their progressive jackpot feature, and the fact that as a player you get a chance to take a shot at it by playing either the first or second class stakes.

Special Features


The mini and maxi jackpots were were made available to us in the mystery feature round. And while we were not lucky to match enough Jack and Rose symbols on the reel, the master progressive jackpot becomes available once you succeed in matching 5 of those symbols.


We also liked the free spins and bonus round, named Heart of the Oceans bonus free spins, where you can avail a total of 4 spins across levels. In addition, you can get your chance at Make it Count free spins that works in more or less the same way.


These bonuses become available to players once they succeed in spinning the three Titanic symbols into view on reels 1, 3, and 5. The Heart of the Oceans free spin has Diamond as its wild which spins into play and offers you excellent chance at hitting a bog payday through the game’s several win lines.


As we expected, the symbols used in the pokie game are heavily themed on the James Cameron’s blockbuster. Aside from jack, Rose, Cal and Ruth, we discovered classic movie posters used as symbols for the three Jackpots.


Two other features that impressed us and are worth a mention would the ‘safe feature’, and the mystery round. The safe feature is basically a bonus round where the game allows you to choose from one of the 10 so-called safes and expand your bet value by the denomination displayed on them. The pick up features takes you to a 6 level choice where each level shows you a symbol which would either be a credit or a multiplier.


Lastly, we immensely enjoyed the physical set up of this game which has a large cabinet and a comfortable chair to go with it. To sum up, whether it is their immersive experience, or feature packed game play, or lucrative progressive jackpots, there is a lot to like about this game.


What we did not like


There is not a lot to not like about this game. If we were to be stretched to criticize, we would say that Celine Dion’s soundtracks start to become unbearable after a while, particularly if the game is not going well for you. Secondly, a lot of players have commented that the normal spins on this slot game rarely ever pay anything.




While the taste in music is subjective and a matter of personal taste, we can wholesomely recommend this game for its truly immersive experience, game play and progressive jackpots. It is a slot game that is geared toward all sorts of players, both high stakes and low.


While many players may have had to wait endlessly to win bonus spins, that was certainly not our experience. We would recommend that you certainly give it a try.

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