The Flintstones


The Flintstones was a much loved animated T.V show that first aired in the 1960s. The show revolves around The Flintstones, a Palaeolithic family brought to life for T.V by producer Hanna-Barbara. The main character is Fred Flintstone, supported by his family and friends. The theme of the game alone is enough to get most players excited, for this game.




The Flintstones is the fruit of one of the earliest entrants into the pokie machine industry, Playtech. Initially based in Tartu, Estonia, they came into the scene as far back as 1999, pumping out more than 400 games over the years. The company is currently based in the isle of Man.


There is strength in numbers and Playtech stands a testament to that. Unlike other developers who work as a small close-knit group of computer geeks, sporting acne, virginities, and glasses, Playtech boasts 3500 employees with different contributions to the game development process and they are based all over the globe.


In this 5×4 pokie, it is clear Playtech went all out to come up with a game that embodied the Flintstones. They have done this through animation and getting all the little details right. Behind the reel is a bright blue sky above lush green glass. On the right of the image is the unmistakeable stone house. Raw pieces of wood tied at the corners frame the reel. It is all very authentic and well implemented.


Playtech had to pay to use this theme and they seem determined to milk it for their money’s worth. They’ve filled up the screen with all sorts of Flintstones paraphernalia.


The developers must know a great idea theme can be undone by bad graphics, because they have gone all out to ensure that this pokie is crispy. They have meet and surpassed the high visual standards set by the industry. It’s a well-designed pokie The game controls are under the reel, contained in a custom design panel.


How to play


The Flintstones pokie is easy to play, with some generic gameplay. There are 1024 ways to win. With this many paylines there is no need to speculate about what is and is not a win. If matching symbols land across adjacent reels it will result in a win, simple as that.


By pressing the ‘spin’ button, the reels are spun. If the player wants their bet to affect that spin it need to be placed before the reels are spun. For more information about bets, paylines, or to see the symbol values press the Info Button, to open the game’s rules.


Special Features


At this point, it is hard to ascertain how the special features work. But, speculating from the promotional material Playtech has released, we can safely say there will be a bonus game where Fred Flintstone does his primitive bowling. From the buttons displayed on the top of the promotional material it looks as if wagers can be placed on his bowls, and at a guess the amount of pins he knocks down will determine winnings.


The game isn’t without a free spins bonus. It is too early to say how many free spins will be given to the player. The game has a great animation; Wilma wields her dinosaur vacuum cleaner, which shoots out wilds. There is another feature, which Playtech is keeping under wraps for now. It involves clouds with question marks moving around the reels, as the Flintstones and friends drive around the reels. There is no telling what exactly is going on here. However, it is an intriguing feature.


Maximum Payout


At this stage, the maximum winnings are not clear. Considering the amount of time and effort that the developer put into this game, they will surely include a jackpot reflective of this. On the other hand the rights to use the Flintstones could not have been cheap, and Playtech may scrape a little of the winnings and RTP for compensate for this.




The amount of effort Playtech invested in this game is evident in both the aesthetics and gameplay. The company has gone all out with this theme, and there looks to be a few great features for players to sink their teeth into.

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