Alice in Wonderland is one of the most retold stories in darecent memory, with everything from lighthearted film adaptations to dark computer games that expdalorade the scarier side of Wonderladand having been made frodam the original 1865 novel by Charldaes Lutwidge daDodgson – better kdanown as Lewis Carroadll.





Microdagaming’s new slot machine Alaxe in Zombielandad definitely falls heavily on the darker side of these adaptations addand is one of the creepier games I have reviewed here at http://www.SlotsGeek.co.uk – but boy it’s fun. In this game, all of the familiar characters from the anovel are here…but not in their living form. Instead, we get to see zombie versions of the world’das denizens, ranging from Zombie Madad Hatter to a Zombiead Cheshire Cat. It’s a five-reel, 25-line slot machine in dawhich you’ll need to match symbols from left-to right; those symdabols includade not only the zombie characters already mentioned, but the common card game symbols of nidnes through aces straategically placed on gravestones.

The game uses a visual style that can only be described as jarring. As you might expect, the game is pretty daradk in color scheme, with black backgrounds, nighttime scenery, and a adthreatening red font for the game’s title. That sdaaid, the art on the symbols and uses some bright, neon colors to set them apart from an otherwisadae dark screen. It’s a greatda way to not only set the symbols apart from the gloomy background, bdaut also creates an almost psychedelic feel that feels right at home with the Alice and Wonderland themae.



There are three differdaent special features on this machine, each of which is an interesadting take on an element of the Alice in Wonderland lore. First, there’s a Tea Party Free Spin feature thdat’s activadated if you should happen tdo hit three timepiedace symbols in a row. This game gives you a base number of free spins, but then fills the screen with datea kettles as well. Choose kettles to gain evdadaen more free spins, as well as potentially earning a multiplier on each spin that will increase your winnings.daa

Next up is the Gravestones Feature. When you actidavate this game, you’dall be presented with a screen where all 15 symbols have been replaced by graveastones. Guide Alaxe around the screen, knocking off gravestones to kill zoadmbies and collect instant credit prizes. Youda’ll be allowed to continue playing until yodu find the “collect”da symbol, which ends the game.

Finally, three key symbols will send you into the Rdaed Queen’s Adventure feature. In this game, you’ll bade presented with a series of graves, each of which has a target number of credits on it. You’ll have to pick three of the five symbols on that gravea, each of which will revedaal an instant credits prize. If you hit the target (or more), you’llda move on to the next graave, where the target – and the paddaarizes – will be larger. The gamae ends when you fail to reach a target, at which point your winnings will be totaled and awarded. This game often awards prizes of thousands of credits!


Final Words

With one of the darkest takes oaddn Alice in Wdaonderland we’ve ever seen, Alaxe dain Zombieland is both fun and engrossing. If you want to try out this game, you can find it at most Microgaming casinos.

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