Sunset Delight

What is your first thought that comes to mind hearing the name of Sunset Delight? For us it was a dessert and we weren’t far from the truth, as Sunset Delight is a new game release with an ice cream theme.


It is safe to say that each and every one of us loves ice cream, no matter whether it’s vanilla, strawberry, chocolate or with a birthday cake flavor. We each have our own preferences, but ice creams are not only delicious but they also look aesthetically pleasing.


In this game the main stars, or the only stars, of the game are several ice cream scoops that differ visually in color. The design is so colorful with fruit and chocolate ice creams, it looks very interesting and you can’t look away.


Who had imagined that something as common as ice cream, that most of us probably have in our refrigerators at the moment, could be so interesting in an online video pokie game?




Sunset Delight is the newest game release from Thunderkick software and experienced players will notice how similar this game looks with the Sunny Scoops pokie, another great game by Thunderkick.


Thunderkick is a unique brand and they are recognized for their interesting game themes, top notch graphics and overall outstanding appearance.





How to Play

Sunset Delight is an interesting pokie, including the technical aspects. Instead of 5 reels, this game only has 3 reels and 5 pay lines. This game is a great fit for all types of players as the bets can be varied from only $0.10 per spin and up to even $100 per spin.


The game is also mobile friendly so it can be played on the go. Players can change the bets to their preferred amount just by choosing the best option from the available bet screen. The game is very comfortable to play as it also offers an auto play option.

Special Features


Sunset Delight is a game with only 3 reels and when it comes to bonus features it is very simplistic, as it offers only one bonus round, and luckily for players it is a free spins bonus.


Whenever a player gets 3 scatter symbols on the ice cream scoops, 5 free spins are given. The free spins start with a 1x multiplier and the players’ goal is to climb up higher on the steps of the multiplier.


That can be done when the player gets a Step/Spin scatter in the bonus round, which adds another extra free spin, climbs up another step and increases the multiplier reel.


This part is very exciting as you can never know, how many spins you’ll play, whether you will be able to get more scatter symbols or not, so there’s some adrenaline involved.


The reason why this free spins round can be so exciting is because the wild multiplier can go up to 100x, which means you can get a very decent win with such a multiplier.


Luckily for players, there is a wild symbol in base game and in the free spins that really helps out to make winning combinations, which otherwise could be a little harder due to the pokies’ unusual technical structure.


 Maximums Payout


Sunset Delight is a really nice game, but it isn’t the most promising one when it comes to payouts. Although players can achieve nice winnings in the bonus rounds, the maximum win is set to 413x players’ bet.




Sunset Delight is a really nice game but it definitely isn’t for everyone. This is a great game to wager your bonus or boost your balance but winnings over a few hundred times the players’ bet could be really, really hard to achieve.


So this probably won’t be the right fit for you, if you’re looking for mega wins. But as previously said, the game gives steady winnings both in base game and the free spins and the free spins come up quite often so there is a potential for some decent winnings.


Also this game is just enjoyable because of its vibrant color scheme and the positive theme that will bring summer vibes to us throughout the whole year.


Playing the bonus game is just a new experience, as the starting free spins amount in general isn’t big, but with extra scatters you can get up the steps and increase the multiplier, so every free spins round is quite an adventure.


If you enjoy a game that has low to medium payouts, colorful design and you’re also looking for a game that is available to be played on the go, you should give Sunset Delight a try.

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