Tycoon Towers

I am a huge fan of Rival slot machines, the makers of the new Tycoon Towers Slot Machine. From the high production values of their intro animations to the simple to understand pay tables, Rival has a reputation for creating fantastic online machines, and Tycoon Towers may just meet that same standard.



Theme of the Game

Based on the idea of a business Tycoon, the machine has a certain style that brings me back to the popular Tycoon games of the early 2000’s. As with most machines, the 10 – A symbols are included, but in general feel like they were just tacked on at the last second. This machine adds a unique style of creating the art for each symbol with flows well with the rest of the machine.

A cigar smoking manager and a (cartoon) attractive maid stand out the most of the characters in the game, but a bellhop and the old Tycoon himself (which is a sticky wild) add a unified look to the machine. Credit cards, sleeping tags, and luggage and a sign which seems to be an elevator or bathroom for three (no clue really what it means) round out the symbols that fill this 50 line machine.


How to Play

Everything you would expect is compact and well organized. From betting .01 to .25 per coin and 50 lines, you can customize a great deal when it comes to each bet. While there are a ton of symbols the machine is forgiving in how often it lets you get a free respin. The tycoon acts as the wild card and when he hits – it triggers a respin while it stays in place – each additional wild will give another respin which can lead up to a pretty exciting run on occasion.

With a bet max and autospin button, you can let the machine just do all the work for you while you sit on the hopes of bringing in the big win. One feature that most machines miss, which I feel should be standard is a static last win display.

While this machine does show the last win, it only shows it until the next reel stops spinning. If I am in a dry spell after winning a big pot, I like to see that not too long ago I won $1,000 or so. A very minor gripe and one that is almost universal among current machines, but something to note none-the-less.


Special Features

Some of the special features were mentioned previously but I can’t praise the sticky wild enough. Now the wild doesn’t restart a spin unless it actually hits a line, but each consecutive wild that hits another line keeps the reels going.
This is one of the few machines that includes music that I actually turned up. It is elevator music – appropriately – but the sights and sounds all flow so well I feel like I’m sitting at a Vegas slot more than most that I have seen recently.


Maximum Payout

It is hard to find a maximum payout on this machine, most likely because of the sticky wild mechanic that is in place. I guess with how often it could respin the slots – the payout could get to be pretty ridiculous based on how many times the wilds stick and give a respin. Eventually, it is conceivable, that the entire board would be wilds, but the amount of steps taken to get there will determine your payout.



I have to say that from the recent machines I have spent time with this is easily at the top of my list. It is a loose machine with minimal fuss. With a lack of mini-games and traditional free spins you are sitting on a machine that does one thing and does it well. But, saying that there are no free spins is a bit disingenuous as the sticky wilds allow a respin each time they hit.

The overall layout of the machine is easy to read. If you let each reel stop one by one you can start to see the patterns that you are going to get paid on even on 50 lines. The features that are standard are well laid out and easy to understand and the background music will keep you calm without putting you to sleep. This is a high quality machine from a high quality designer.


Where Can You Find It?

I prefer Jackpot Paradise or Vegas Paradise casinos are my go to sites as they offer a $200 or £200 as a welcome bonus for new players. On top of that, You can also get 10 free spins and take part in their promotions.

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