Million Reels BC

You could walk off with a progressives jackpot if you get stuck into play the Rival powered slot game that goes by the name of the Millions Reels BC Slot, this slot is one of their progressive jackpot paying three reel slots, but be warned the jackpot is only ever awarded when playing all five paylines on this slot, playing few than 5 lines per spin and three coins per payline will see you only being able to win a fixed number of coin and not the ever growing progressive jackpot!



How to Play


The Rival designed Million Reels 3D slot game is not a slot on which you are going to be able to put into play a huge number of pay lines for this is one of their easier to play three reel slots, so if you are seeking out slots with a limited number of payline options and also a slot offering a fast paying type of gaming session this would be a good choice of slot.


When you play this slot game you can opt to put into play one to three coins on any of its five paylines you put into play and by doing so you will then be able to spin in any of the winning combinations of which there are many as listed on its pay table.


Maximum Win


As this is a progressive jackpot slot then the amount of cash you could win when playing five paylines is going to be a jackpot that has the sky as the limit, for the more players that play this slot the bigger that progressive jackpot will become!


However if you play just one or two coins per spin the jackpot payout is limited to 1000 and 2000 coins respectively so always play this slot with five lines in play and always activate three coins on each of those paylines!


Special Features


There are no special features on the Million Reels BC slot game, and whilst that may put you off playing it just remember that the progressive jackpot that you can win when playing this slot game online can be won by any player at any time as long as five lines have been played and three coins activate don that payline.


How Does This Game Stand Up Against Others?


The main difference between this slot game and most others is that it can be a rather fast playing slot, and as such if you are seeking out a slot to play that is going to offer you a very fast playing structure but one that always give s you the chance of bagging and walking off with a huge amount of cash then it will be a slot worth playing but only when you play maximum coin spins. The RTP of this slot has been set high so you will always get a fair chance of winning whenever you choose to give it any amount of play time.

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