Loco 7’s

Loco 7’s Slot Machine is a game made by Rival gaming. It was released on the 30th March 2015 and has got a major gaming audience. The game has taken the simplicity of three reel slots and creatively made them into a hit. By mixing the Los Vegas 7 Slot design with a Mexican theme, Rival gaming has created quite a sensation which has proved to be extremely liked by players all over the world, ones betting on high and low stakes.


The game not only offers a unique interesting gaming experience but also offers potentially high earnings. The game is very colorful and creative. The slots are designed like two cactuses connected together by a rope. With the catchy background music, company of the Mariachi guitar player and thrill of gambling, Loco 7 is definitely an addicting entertaining game.


How to play it?

It is often said that the key towards Loco 7’s success is the simplicity of the gameplay. With the usual 3 reel slots you have to learn different combinations just to know if you have won anything. It can surely become a daunting task and take the fun out of this simple enjoyable game. All you have to do in this game is to pay attention to the middle of the screen. Any three combinations qualify for a payout. If you ever stumble upon any inquires related to your results, you can check the Pay Table in the right hand corner.


You can invest up to three coins. Each coin can have the value from $0.01 to $10. Tips from experienced players state that while playing you should always aim to use three coins instead of one. By using the mentioned technique you increase your possible earnings, instead of completely focusing on just one coin.


Special features

Loco 7’s Slot Machine unfortunately does not contain any special features. There are no bonus games, bonus rounds or Easter eggs in the game. On the plus side it shows that the developers focused completely on the game, to ensure they get a great product in the end.


Maximum Payloads

The maximum bet you can make is achieved when you put three coins, each 10$ of value. If you do not want to manually do the work, you can just set the max bet and choose the option auto play. To get the maximum earning you have to get a green, yellow and red chilly pepper.If you are lucky, you can earn up to 2500 coins.



Loco 7 has managed to move a step up from the usual slot games. They used creativity and ingenuity to create a game which appeals to a wide range of people. The game is interesting, fun, immersive and a definite hit. Another feature which has made Loco 7’s Slot Machine stand out from the crowd is that it appeals both to low stake and high stake people. People can have fun with the game, whilst spending and earning pennies, or they can take the risk and try to earn a lot of cash. Loco 7’s Slot Machine put the player in an exotic and comfortable environment, thus making sure that the player likes it. Other slot games are either too plain or do not appeal to the players like Loco 7’s Slot Machine. As a result it is definitely a game you should check out.


Where can you play it?

There are many online casinos where you can play Loco 7’s Slot Machine. To save you the time from finding the best server, a list of the best online casinos has been made.

The first and second place are shared by the Vegas Paradise and Jackpot Paradise online casinos. It is impossible to say which one is better since both casinos have great reputations but also give a generous welcome bonus of 200 $/€.

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