The theme of the game is precious stones, bonus balls, numerals and letters. Please be aware that when I say row, I mean horizontal, diagonal, vertical and even in zig-zag formation for the right characters. This is something to bear in mind as it gives much more winning potential there are far more formations that pay out than most other machines.


The basic goal of the slot is to spin 3 of the same characters and a bonus ball in the same row or 4 of the same characters. This happens frequently and results in a win. As you play on it you will learn other winning combinations, which is all part of the fun and keeps your interest in this compelling game.


How To Play It

Illuminious online slot machine is aesthetically striking set on a background of deep and apt luminous blue hues with vibrant pink diamonds, dazzling green emeralds, cerise and yellow glowing bonuses mixed up with letters and numbers in aquamarine and purple tones.


The music that plays in the background is almost meditative as well as being uplifting and enjoyable,but non intrusive either.Due to the choice of music I feel that this game is not merely for entertainment and winning, but is also a fantastic stress relief and perfect if you need a break from a busy and demanding day. Each time you spin you will hear a short soft sound and it doesn’t duplicate itself when each character from the spin descends as with other slots, which I find refreshing.


Upon a win there is a dynamic and louder, but pleasant brief tune in order to make sure you are alerted to your win. To assist you there are small numerals either side of the lot screen that can predict possible outcomes and are displayed in a way that doesn’t cause distraction from the game itself.


It is extremely straightforward to play and you simply choose your bet from the drop down menu on the bottom right of the screen and press the spin button or alternative you can set it up on auto play for whatever number of spins you desire. There is also the option for a multiple bets at any point during playing time.


Special Features

Illuminous ‘knows’ how to stand out from the crowd and does have a secret weapon to ensure its place as an elite slot.  If you get three wilds on the reels, you will trigger five free spins, with three reels ‘hot’ with wilds. Which is extremely generous and helps up your odds of winning.


Throughout the game there are varying bonus rounds of wilds, free spins and extra wilds on reels and whenever you get two bonus wild symbols on the five reels, (which happens fairly frequently; every 30 spins or so) you will get one free re-spin of the reels, with two of the wild reels ‘hot’.


It’s not an expanded wild, it simply means that you are assured to get at least one wild in that reel during the re-spin – usually 2, sometimes even 3. It isn’t an exact science, but it certainly ups your odds and helps keep you casino balance running along.


Maximum Payouts

With payouts up to 404 times your bet there is extreme potential for high payouts on the particular slot. Maximum payout is depicted by the size of your bets but a 401/1 return is far greater than other casino games.



For any of you avid players you will notice the similarity between this slot machine and the Starburst slot,what makes Illuminous different and what makes it really stand out is that it offers far more free spins and wild cards than the others. So whether you are new to the online casino or a frequent player this offers you chances and exciting outcomes to improve your online experience.


Where Can You Play It?

Vegas Paradise and Jackpot Paradise are the top two casinos for playing this exhilarating slot machine online. Their websites are easy to navigate and a lot of thought has been put into their design. In my opinion, they have the best sites and in addition each of these offers a welcome bonus of $/£200 for new players to help get you started.

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