If a multi line slot games are what you are looking to play on any mobile device today then make sure you consider giving some of the Quick Spin designed slot games some play time, for they are compatible with all mobile devices and offer plenty of different bonus games and playing structures.

We think that the Firestorm slot is up there with some of the best playing and highest paying mobile slots so keep on reading for this particular slot comes with a unique re-spins bonus feature round which is one of the easiest to trigger features you are going to find!


How to Play

The Firestorm slot game is a mobile slot on which you will find five reels, and spread over those reels are in total 25 pay lines, and as such you are going to be able to put as many of them in play as you desire when playing this mobile slot and you are also going to be able to increase the coin values on play on each of the paylines you have opted to put into play.

As with any slot game however the more paylines you do have in play and the higher the coin values you play it for the more chances you will then of winning and if playing it for high stake amounts there are some large winning payouts that can be achieved when playing this slot.

Maximum Win

You can win 500 coins when playing the Firestorm slot and to do so you will have to get five of the Wild symbols on any activated payline, that jackpot payout is based on players only playing one coin per line, and you can adjust the stake values on the Quick Spin designed Firestorm slot game then the coin values settings you play this slot game for will determine the monetary value of that jackpot payout.

Special Features

This slot game comes with its own unique re-spins feature and it is only going to take two of the scatter symbols to spin into view of that bonus game to be awarded to you. When you have triggered it then you will find that before the reels all re-spins the wild symbols and scatter symbols and some of the other reel symbols can become locked onto the screen for your awarded number of re-spins which can then see you winning some sizeable winning payouts.

How Does This Game Stand Up Against Others?

When it comes to any mobile slot player having lots of fun and winning opportunities then you will always find it a beneficial for you to swap and change the slot games you are playing and also the casino sites at which you play.

For when you do you will come across slot as the Firestorm Slot which could turn out to be a very high paying slot indeed and that is thanks completely down to its own unique playing structure and that bonus game feature that can be triggered when you play this slot.

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