Spin Party

The latest announcement of Play’n go’s brand new video slot machine game; Spin Party Slot Machine, wasn’t only exciting because of a new game for us to play but also because it came with the news that players were guaranteed a win every game!


Those of you who are unfamiliar with mobile and desktop slot machine games might be a little out of their depth. So follow us as we breakdown and review Play’n Go’s latest game to see whether it’s worth playing.


What’s The Game’s Theme?

As ever the style and look of a game is what attracts players to it and the Spin Party Slot Machine game is definitely one that catches the eye thanks to go-go girls that appear throughout the rounds. The game is at heart a five-reel slot game that adds some flashy and energetic effects to keep you involved. It is a traditional looking game that has simplicity at its core and in comparison to some of the harder to fathom games; this comes as a well breath of fresh air.

The game also embraces the previous free WIN SPINS that have featured recently on the likes of Play’n Go’s other titles Pimped and Royal Masquerade.

Play’n Go have definitely adopted a more back to basics approach with a simplistic buy addictive game and in an age where a lot of slot machines have become particularly inaccessible due to perceived complexity, we think this is a great game to help introduce yourself to online slot machines.


So How Do You Play?

The game uses a five-reel slot that has a fixed 10 pay-lines. Players aim to align matching images but the most notable of these are the dancing girls and this is when the fun begins. The dancing girls are a wild symbol and upon hitting these the ‘wild’ expands across the screen and triggers a free spin.

The great thing is that you only need one wild symbol on the screen to trigger a free roll and the wild symbol remains on the screen whilst you do this, so if you land another wild symbol then you end up receiving 5 free WIN SPINS! It is during this bonus round that a price is actually guaranteed to the player. You can even do well enough to get consecutive WIN SPINS and hit a maximum of 20 WIN SPINS!


Are There Special Features To Look Out For?

The most prominent of these would be the dancing girl wild cards that we just mentioned. They truly are the key area of the game and have your eyes glued to the screen as you hope that a whole troop of dancers appears on your screen!


What’s The Most You Can Win?

For a fairly straightforward game it offers and attractive win potential, as players are able to win up to 5,000 times their bet. Now this might not be the largest that it’s possible to win from slot games but it is an enticing prospect for anyone who is new to these games and it is still a pretty impressive prospect to anyone playing!


Our closing Thoughts!

So what do we think of Play’n Go’s latest venture…is it worth your time? Overall we would have to say yes! Not only is Spin Party Slot Machine a back to basics title but it also proves that simplicity can often be one of the most enjoyable and addictive traits of a game. It will have you on edge hoping for the dancing girls to appear and you’ll never fail to be excited when the WILD cards appear on your screen signaling free spins and the potential for a guaranteed win!


Add this to the potential to win 5,000 the amount you put in and it will have a lot of players excited about the game and the excitement of hitting free spins when there is money on the line. It might not be the most impressive graphically and it is a tried and tested formula that has been returned to but we think people will be more than happy to play it.


If you are interested then there are a variety of sites that you can play the game on but be sure to head over to either of the top two listed sites for it – Jackpot Paradise or Vegas Paradise – to get playing. They offer a welcome bonus of $/£200 for new players and you would be silly to turn your back on the opportunity.

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