When you think about it, the online slot world truly hasn’t ever really dared to incorporate the theme of rap and and hip-hop before. Certainly there have been various brainstorms which drift in-and-out of the game developer’s mind but with such an eclectic subject, it is just hard to really provide it with any adequate amount of justice. That is the definitive reason why game developing great, Play n’ Go, stepped up to the plate and delivered the perfect combination of the hip-hop flavor with the classic touch, schematics and themes of an traditional online-slot game. The game is quickly becoming regarded far and wide as a genuine “modern-classic” and it is also has even received the always eluding “cult-classic tag”. What you have simply have is a online-slot masterpiece by the name Pimped slot machine and the online-slot community simply can’t get enough of it.


Theme of the Game

Even though at first glance, one may ponder if there is anything interesting or intriguing about Pimped slot machine but that is obviously because they haven’t played it yet. This is the type of game that once you have gotten a little bit of a taste, you can’t help but want to keep coming back for more. You will also be humbly introduced to various, cool characters which resemble the likes of Snoop Dogg, the great 50 Cent, superbly integrated with the quintessential quirky, pimp personality we have grown to know over the years. Thug-life has never been so darned pimpin’ and you can take that one to the bank.

Theme’s of money, greed and ultimately power, play very well into the hands and the structure of an online slot game, believe it or not. You better believe that only a handful of game developers could actually pull a game like this off and make it so immediately enjoyable.

How to Play It

This wonderfully depicted online-slot game is officially a 5-reel, 10-payline affair which will always provide you a chance at quality free spins, a feature which always guarantees scattered wins and wilds throughout.

Pimped slot machine is not your typical online-slot game, the amount of energy and vibe that it has is something of an unsurpassed quality. Players typically have good intentions to just log-in and play the game for a half-an-hour or so but being the kind of game that it is, they usually end up eating dinner with some of the hoods elite.


You will meet a nice group of sexy ladies who will guide you through each step of the game and also, one must understand that these ladies own the kinda gaze that will simply make you want to keep playing. Remember as well, if you play the game the right way and how it is supposed to be played, those little lasses will no doubt hook-you-up with a pair of brass knuckles which will give every player the ability to make the punches count. The more powerful you become, the further you can take this great game and you will soon find yourself hanging-out proper with the hip-hop giants of the biz.


Special Features

Along with the great payouts, there literally is an endless array of great opportunity around every corner. How the players are able multiply their winnings is a feature which is utilized on many different online-slot games but it is how “Pimped” nicely layers the upgrading of levels and the brilliant timing regarding the $3 symbols will be the greatest way you can get yourself out of a jam real quick.


Stacking-up wins is something which comes natural, when you know precisely what you are doing but this doesn’t mean to say that the game hands itself over to you in full submission. However, the enjoyment you have just getting into that “zen-like” winning stage, the feeling that nothing can stop you from reaching the top, is priceless. Pimped slot machine never leaves in the stops, every time you punch-into a game that is this involving, you realize just how sinful it is that no other game can touch this type of undeniable, unabashed swag.


Maximum Payouts

The maximum payouts for Pimped runs exactly at x1000, which happens to be perfect for the style of game that it is.



Games which are relatively similar to Pimped Online is “Tower Quest Slot”, “Pearls of India Slot”, and even the “Golden Ticket Slot”. They aren’t on the same level of wonderful escapism as Pimped but they make for a good time at the slots.


Where Can You Play It?

If there are two casinos in particular which can showcase the feel and essence of Pimped slot machine, it is Vegas Paradise and Jackpot Paradise. These two casinos are the very top of the heap when you are talking about online casinos. Each new player that signs-up with either casino will be rewarded with $/£200, so when you think about combining free money with a wonderful gaming experience…how in the heck are you still waiting there?

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