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Yggdrasil Just Launched Incinerator Slot Machine

incinerator-slot-logoYggdrasil Gaming’s new five reel, twenty payline, slot Incinerator, takes players deep into space. It was released Wednesday the 20th of January. The intro sequence shows a planet destroyed, covered in trash, but deep in the plants core the incinerator works tirelessly. Symbols are incinerated by the paylines, and they erupt into balls of orange flame. It is a cascading slot, with an interesting Wild Pattern feature.

What We Like

The theme is among the best we have ever seen, in an online slot game. Any kind of justification as to why the symbols are disappearing is welcome, and who could do better than, being exploded as giant space rubbish. Yggdrasil, tapped into a bit of genius with this one.

The theme also works perfectly for a cascading slot. The intro sequence showed a giant tube from the planet’s surface and it is easy to imagine it filled with symbols, ready to cascade onto the reels.

The Wild Pattern feature is an interesting take on Wilds. Every game developer, is trying to do something different with Wilds, but we don’t think we have ever seen this one before. If you managed three consecutive wins on a single spin, using the cascading reels feature, of course.

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You unlock the Wild Pattern feature. There is a pattern displayed on the left of the reels, this is the Wild Feature Pattern. While we are on the subject, the orange/red screen with the pattern is displayed on, is an extremely tasteful design feature. The white squares in the pattern correspond to locations on the reels. And when the pattern is activated the symbols at these locations are replaced with Wilds.

This lends itself to some tasty wins, as these patterns have four to five Wilds each. There is a second group of Wild Patterns, which are used if you get another three consecutive wins after activating the first Wild Pattern, in the same spin.

The second group of Wild Patterns include more wilds and they are placed, to ensure bigger wins. There is a straight down the middle reel, five in row. We wanted to land a five in a row Wild down the middle, because we are curious. Would it pay a five in a row of the highest symbol value? Or just make other paylines?

What we don’t like

We think this game could have been more generous with the paylines. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing symbols line up in would be win, if you were playing another game. The Wild Pattern feature, is really hard to unlock. We needed to test it, for this review, and it took over an hour to unlock it.

Three wins in a single spin is achievable but be prepared to wait for it. This game is not the biggest on features. There are no free spins, or anything apart from the Wild Pattern. The Jackpot, or the highest value five in a row, is a bit rubbish. It took all of our restraint not to crack an Incinerator joke.

It is a sign of the times, five in a row wins are losing their relevance. If you want to win big in the modern slot game, you need to use the in game features. The Wild Pattern feature guarantees at least an eight symbol win, if you unlock the second patterns. We can understand the reluctance to increase the value of the symbols, but that doesn’t mean we like it.

Is this game worth playing?

Incinerator, is a really well designed slot with a beautiful concept behind it. That being said, it felt a bit like we were paying for the novelty with our bankroll.

The Wild Pattern feature has big winning potential, but is very difficult to unlock. By the same token, it probably wouldn’t have such big winning potential if it wasn’t difficult to unlock. We have to recommend that you at least try this game, because of the amazing theme.

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