Pixie Gold

The Pixie Gold Pokies game, has a magical corner of the garden/enchanted forest theme. There are toadstool, elfin creatures, lady bugs, acorns and elfin letters. The interface is framed by trees and the whole game is a wooden colour. This is just generic mythical stuff, and there is no correlation to any pop culture, or movie franchise, which players love from their online pokies.


The pokies game is developed, by Lightning Box a company founded by David little and Peter Causley. Who claim, to each have had 20+ years of math focused slot game design experience. They have designed the math models behind some of Aristocrat and IGT’s top performing games.

The Design

At first, the game is overwhelming and confusing. This will deter some players, who will happily leave the game, in favour of a more conventional alternative. There are four large reels in the centre, and two smaller reels off to each side.

These larger middle reels are actually one reel, and the smaller ones off to the side are the main reels, it is very counterintuitive. This middle reel is made up of 16 individual position and is called the Reelfecta Reel. To make a wining line the required symbols needs to be somewhere on this Reelfecta. As the Reelfecta is counted as one reel it can be in any of its four columns.


There are 1,296 ways to win, this game. The spin button is a sideward green triangle, the generic universal symbol for play. The panel keeps button to a minimal, with a simple up and down button to raise bets. Balance and total bets are displayed clearly.

There is an autospin option which the player can set to spin an amount of times, or until they run out of credits. The music while very enchanted forest, will quickly drive the player insane, but there is an option to mute it.

Special Features

The main game has a gamble feature. The player can choose to gamble any win by guess the colour of a face dawn card. If the player guessed the colour of the card, winnings are doubled and if they suite of the card, the same winnings are quadrupled.

The player can keep gambling until they guess incorrectly, at which point all their winnings are taken, away from them. A carriage moves along the bottom of the reels and allocates a free spin, if it aligns with the free spin symbol at the end of a spin. There is also a wild symbol and a multiplier for any symbol that adds to a player win in the Reelfecta.

Maximum Payouts

With 1296 pay lines and the option to double or quadruple winnings in the gamble bonus feature there is potential to win big.

The maximum possible return for 5 of-a-kind is 250 coins. By its self, 250 coins is a big win, but combined with the gamble feature, the player could take home a multiple of this, as big as their courage, and luck will allow.


This pokies game is confusing. The Reelfecta reel, while an interesting concept deters the new player. Once understood the game is simple enough. But the reel, does not add enough to the game, to justify the difficult way, Lightning Box went about differentiating their product.

The gamble feature is nerve racking and fun, but apart from it. The pokies game is a bit skimpy of features. A player should attempt this game, if they want to experiment with an alternative to the tried and tested five reel interface, but it is not for everyone.

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