Plenty On Twenty

The Plenty On Twenty Pokie is a gambling game of the Novomatic, which is played online. It has a design of a pokie and it is a 5-reel, fruit-themed game. This is a game that is mostly dedicated to the new players in gambling, who have less experience. As a result, it has limited special offers and features.

How To Play?

There are characters that are displayed on the 5 reels and also, they are 20 different paylines. Before you start the game, which is all about spinning, you will be required to place your bet. The minimum bet that you can place in the game is $0.02, while the highest bet is $100.


When you have placed your bet, according to your will, you will then need to play in order to win the cash. The game only stakes one coin in a line. You may not be able to adjust the number of lines, which means that you can easily know the total maximum and minimum wagers.


The game has 6 major symbols that are categorized into 3 symbol groups. There are the goofy cherries, the luscious lemon and the happy orange, which are the lowest paying icons. The more icons you land on, the more you will win. All you will have to do is to click on the Spin button and wish yourself luck, because the chances of landing the characters is all about luck.


Maximum Win

You will stand a chance of winning a lot of money as you are playing. Suppose the player enjoys the staking of the maximum wager, which is $100, a player will be able to win a maximum of $5,000. This will be possible when they land on 5 wild icons. They can also win $50,000 if they land on 5 scatter icons on the game. The most valuable characters are the scatter icons, like the star and the wild icons.


Special Features

Yes, the game might not have as many special features as expected, since it is not a complex 5-reel video pokie. However, there are still some features that you can greatly enjoy from. There are no any free spins or other bonus games with the Plenty On Twenty Pokie. Nonetheless, here are the special features of the game;


The wild icon. This is the lucky number 7, which can be replaced with any other symbol that a player would prefer. Nevertheless, it cannot substitute with a scatter icon. This wild icon will earn you between $0.80 and $20.


The scatter icon. This is the star and it can also be in the form of a banana, which is also considered the most valuable icon in this game. This icon will win you a maximum of $200, if you get 5 icons when you have spinned it.


How does this game stand up against others?

The game might lack the free spins and bonuses, but it is a very interesting game that allows you to play easily. It is also quite cheap to play and it will earn you a lot of money, when you land on the special icons. The game also allows you to play and win at the same time, with a technology that will keep your money secured, until you want to withdraw it.

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