Created by Novomatic in collaboration with Errel, Multi Dice Slot Machine is a highly interesting fruit slot game with a twist. This casino game is highly accessible to all as it is free of cost. It comes with three reels and five pay lines. The number of active lines in the game is fixed and players cannot change the same. However, players can make a bet of their choice on each spin. The betting amount can be anything from eight credits per line to two thousand credits!


How to play it

This online casino game is old-fashioned in terms of style or theme, hence the animation and sounds are kept to a minimum. The playing panel or control panel is quite simple, i.e. the typical three-reel slot machine along with a variety of other retro-styled buttons for performing functions like starting the spin, placing the betting amount, canceling the bet, launching the gambling feature, going to the pay-table to find out about payoff indexes, bonuses and so on.


Multi Dice Pokie Machine is available in numerous languages and it can be played online on a browser since it just requires a flash player to function. The settings button on the gaming interface allows the player to turn on/off the music and sound. One can also adjust the size of the gaming window.


Special Features

Since this is a slot machine with a twist, the game offers a special die on the right which rolls together with the three reels. While having matching symbols on the reels would result in payouts, lining up three dice will enable the player to gain access to free spins. The number of free spins depends upon the number (1-6) denoted by the special die. There are no changes in the amount of the bet in case of free spins, but one can receive extra multipliers for payoffs. The size of the multiplier can be anything from 2x to 5x, depending upon how many bonus rounds the player wins.


Another special feature of this game is the golden stopwatch present on the upper right hand corner. This one provides a new random jackpot each time one spins the reels. In order to unlock the jackpot one has to line up three watch symbols on the reels. One can win unlimited cash in this bonus game, the amount is immediately transferred to the gaming account of the player.


Maximum Payout

Multi Dice Slot Machine is not a progressive jackpot game. Since the maximum bet per line is 2000 and there are three lines in total therefore the maximum bet is 10,000 credits per spin. The maximum payout of the game is 125x. In other words, this is the highest potential payout that you can win with this retro fruit slot machine game.



Although this online fruit slot machine game is quite different from modern video slots due to its old school theme, it still manages to impress online casino players. There are no cutting edge animations in the game and neither is the game fast paced, but it is still quite enjoyable. The retro theme of the game makes it stand out from the crowd of modern online slot games and therefore it provides a refreshing change to the gamers.


What people like most about this game is the freedom that it offers to them to choose when each individual spin should stop. This feature allows the players to exert control over the online slot game. Also, the hold feature and bonus games definitely manages to win the hearts of gamers and keep them on the edge of their seats! The numerous payoffs and traditional gaming functions also make this online slot game a hit amongst casino game lovers and casual gamers!


Where to play?

If you’re looking to try out Multi Dice Slot Machine online then you should visit a reputable and trustworthy online casino site. This way you can rest assured that you will have a good experience. Some examples of such sites would be Vegas Paradise and Jackpot Paradise. A good thing about signing up with these sites to play Multi Dice Slot Machine is that one gets to enjoy a welcome bonus of USD or GBP 200. This is definitely an attractive sign-up offer and it allows the players to use the sign up bonus in order to bet in the game.

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