Mermaid’s Pearl

If you fancy cute ocean creatures and you are a fan of the little mermaid, then the classic Mermaid’s Pearl pokie machine from Novomatic is worth checking out. This legendary game is compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems. The game is played online without any download required at online casinos, such as Vegas Paradise Casino.

Theme of the Game

The game is inspired by the enthralled ocean theme where beautiful treasures, rare pearls and mermaids, lie on the beach. The main symbols of this slot machine game comprises of Fish, Palm Trees, Oyster pearls, Starfish, Single, double, and triple bars. The backdrop highlights a beautiful mermaid, enjoying the sunshine at the beach. Behind the mermaid are palm trees, with a pay table to her left depicting an ocean based theme. 3 reels are set up for various paylines, leaving no room for hanging spins, as seen in most classic slots.

How to play

Mermaid’s pearl is an exciting game that is simple and easy-to play. Its layout and theme matches with the game’s name. When playing the game one can select the coin value, number of bets for every line, and an alternative of placing the maximum bet to 5 credits for each spin. Just like all the tother Novomatic pokie machine games, the game’s interface is authentic and user-friendly. There are several different reel symbols available on Mermaid’s pearl slot machine, with the standards reel symbols being a Ten, Queen, Jack, Ace, King, plus ocean based reels like Sea horse, Fish, Turtle and Crab.

By pressing the “coin” button, one can add or decrease the number of coins available in a single credit by double. The number buttons activate the lines, with any odd number of lines from 1-9 being available. Once the lines are activated, one needs to determine the bet set for each line. The “Bet one” button found on the control panel is used to select a desirable amount of credit in the range of 1-100. One can set the maximum bet by pressing the “Bet Max” button. You can play Mermaid’s pearl slot machine online for free, whereby one will get an increase of 1,000 virtual credits on their game balance.

You can trigger a single spin of the reels by pressing the “Start” button. The “Automatic Start” button helps rotate the reels continuously. To access the game rules and the pay table, one presses the “Info” button. Located on the right upper corner of the machine is a small button that helps control the sound effects of the game. If the combination that comes up after the spin is of identical images, from the far left to the right of the reel, then that is the winning combination.

Wild symbols

Mermaid’s pearl slot machine uses some of its reel symbols as wild multiplier symbols, which increase the winning payout if one of them forms the winning combination.

Free spins

By spinning scatter symbols of the treasure chest bonus, one gets free spins. As an example, if you spin all five-scatter symbols, one gets 60 free spins.

Jackpot payout

One can be rewarded a $10,000 jackpot, when you put a payline on play and five Mermaid symbols show up as the winning combination.

Bonus games

The free bonus spins is part of the bonus games available when playing the mermaid’s pearl slot machine.

Maximum Payouts

The maximum amount of money one can win is $1,000 when 3 Oyster pearls are received  and when the maximum coin value is played. Even though this happens to be the maximum payout, one can easily achieve it without having to spend so much money.  The second highest amount one can win is $750 when playing an active payline and 3 matching oyster pearls form part of the combination.



The Mermaid’s pearl slot machine takes care of the hanging slots that mostly happen in classic slot machines online. It would be hard to lose much of your money playing mermaid’s pearl, as the maximum wager is $5. You have higher chances of hitting the maximum $1000 pay off than losing that same amount. With its high money management aspect, peaceful entertainment, and simplicity, this game offer great features and an amazing experience while at it.

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