Mega Joker

Mega Joker Pokie is a 3-column pokies machine, which makes use of a number of symbols including those such as grapes and watermelons as well as lemons and pies. It also uses the number sevens as one of its symbols. The game involves 5 reels with as many as 40 paylines. The mascot is very popular and it has been consistently receiving rave reviews. The clown is well liked because it has a very savvy and mysterious design and it makes the game that much more interesting. The game has excellent sound effects that come to life as soon as you click on the buttons.


How To Play It

Under each reel you will find a standard panel, which has buttons that you can use to change the number of paylines you wish to activate as well as the value of each bet for each line. You can also use the standard panel to view the paytable and to switch between auto play modes and to take a spin.


If you succeed in matching the exact symbols in one row then that will give you a chance to win money. How much or how little you win depends on the symbols that were matched and the different combinations. If you hit all sevens in one row then you win the Jackpot, which is the highest possible winning spin.


Special Features – write down any special features available in the game, such as free spins or bonus rounds.


The special features of Mega Jokie Poker include the Supermeter mode and the Joker symbols. In addition, the game becomes even more exciting and enjoyable with a bigger payout chance when you win the Jackpot, which is a progressive one and this means that each time a player starts to play this game a part of his or her bet will be added to the jackpot. However, you can only win the jackpot in the main game mode and it cannot be won by anyone who is playing the game without real money.


Maximum Payouts

The maximum that anyone can win when playing Mega Joker Pokie is when he or she win the jackpot. Since there are many thousands of players playing online at a given time the jackpot can become astronomically high. With luck you can even win 16000 credits when you win the jackpot.



The bottom line is that Mega Joker Pokie is a truly wonderful game that is fun to play. This game involves the best of both the old as well as new elements of online casinos. You can play the game for free but if you want a more challenging experience then you can play with real money.


Where Can You Play It?

The best places to play Mega Joker Pokie are at online casinos. Vegas Paradise is one such casino that is worth checking out while Jackpot Paradise is another good option for those who want to play the game with real money. At Vegas Paradise they give you a match bonus of up to 200 pounds, euros or dollars when you first sign up and make your initial deposit. At Jackpot Paradise you get a 100 percent match up of up to 200 pounds, euros or dollars when you make your first deposit at the casino.

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