Fruitilicious slot machine refers to a five reel and line machine from the Novomatic. The machine is widely found in modern video slots as well as pubs. The Fruitilicious machine is characterized by a fruit theme which includes berries, oranges amongst other fruits. Some of the major highlights of the game include bets per line, risk game, free spins, bonus games as well as the maximum factor. Understanding the five key elements gives the player a better chance to win.


How to play the game

Although the machine has five pay lines, Fruitilicious pays both way which is unlike many machines where the player’s combination of wins have to stretch from right to left. When Novomatic games are compared with other games, the Novomatic games tend to come with limited Coinage in Demo. However, the games actually come with more freedom in real money. Under real money, the player has the freedom to place micro bet stakes too.


In a scenario where the player wins a combination and receives some coins, the player has an option of either collecting the earned coins or gambling them again. In an event where the player chooses to gamble the coins, the player stands a chance to win double the amount gambled. However, by choosing to undertake a second gamble with the coins, the player has to predict the color of the next card drawn. An incorrect card will result to a loose of the coins while a correct pick will result in a win.


Special features of the game

The key features of the game are the symbols which are associated with the good old machines. In short, the symbols are just the symbols any player would expect to find in a game with such a name. Some of the symbols include lemons, grapes, watermelons as well as oranges. When a player places a bet in the game, it is advisable that the player keep in mind that he/she stand a chance to win as much as 1,000 times the best/ Let do some simple math, if a player places $5, there is a possibility of winning $50000 which definitely sounds sweet.


Another important feature is the the ability to view a game as it is being played by another player. This is done by identifying another player or choosing to be a spectator from the same casino. Some of the features the player will see include the spinning reels, the pay lines if a winning combination occurs, bonus rounds and other features. The unique spectator feature adds more fan to the game as you join in your friend for a single game.


Maximum payout

When a player plays the Fruitilicious slot machine, all winnings are created from left to right, starting with the leftmost reel, the game comes with 5 reels and 5 pay lines, and a player can wager up to 5 coins per spin (one on each pay line). In case of any wins, the player can collect the earned coins/winnings by clicking on the “Collect” button. Alternatively, the player can try to earn more by activating a new game using the gamble feature. To play the gamble feature, click the “Gamble icon” after your initial win.


Upon clicking the button, you will see two large icons — red and black. Click on the color that you think will most probably appear when the next card in the deck is turned over. If you guess correctly, your winnings are doubled and vice versa. The player can then collect the winnings or try over and over again using the same procedure.



From its features as well as the easy to remember Symbols, the Novomatic game givers a better chance to record winning combinations as compared to other games. The good news is that Novomatic allows for placing of micro bets, this gives the players a better chance to learn more while still having “safe” fun. Secondly, the demo accounts avails a training platform to interested players without having to risk their money.


Where to Play

Some of the places where you can play the game include Vegas Paradise as well as Jackpot Paradise Casino which are among the best casinos. Additionally, it is important to note that new players are given a bonus of $200. Well, this is definitely the ideal place to have fun as well as try your luck.

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