Egyptian Rise


Historical themes such as Ancient Egypt are quite commonly used as inspiration for slot games. Egyptian Rise is the newest game release we found and this game displays their take on this interesting historical theme of Egypt.


From the first look this game looks like a standard video slot game, but nothing about this game is expected or standard. Firstly, who would have expected to see a historically themed slot designed in bright neon colors?


The symbols in this game are the well known scarab, Pharaoh and others and overall the game looks very sophisticated. If players leave the sound on, they will hear an endearing music that reminds of Egypt and perfectly fits to the game.


Egyptian Rise is the newest game release from NextGen Gaming. They are a well established brand and a very popular software provider in the gaming industry.


They are well known for their unique game designs and great graphics and Egyptian Rise definitely lives up to the quality standards NextGen has. NextGen always has one of a kind looking games and Egyptian Rise is a great addition to their already large games collection.



How to play

Egyptian Rise is a 5 reel slot that offers 243 ways to win. Having that in mind, this game is very affordable for all kinds of players, as the minimum bets are set to 0.40$ per spin, while players who like to bet big and win big can bet even up to 125$ per single spin.


This game is very easy and comfortable for players to play, as bets can be manipulated by increasing the coin sizes and players also have an auto play option. But since this game has 243 ways to win, the pay lines are fixed and can’t be changed.


As we said, from the first look this game may give an impression of a standard slot cause it has 5 reels, 243 ways to win and a free spins bonus round. However, nothing is standard about Egyptian Rise. One of the main symbols in this game are scarabs, which work as wilds and substitute for all other symbols.


We can say that the key to success in this game is consistency and here’s why. Whenever a player gets a win on base game, he is given a cost free re-spin and a wild symbol is added to the reels. If the player gets another win, another re-spin is granted with even more wild symbols.


If a player manages to win on his fourth re-spin, it triggers free spins. The free spins have their pros and cons, as the player gets an unlimited amount of free spins, but at the same time they have no multiplier. So when the player enters the free spins round, on the right side there are Pharaoh symbols and the free games end when no pharaohs are left.


Every time a player gets an empty win spin, one of the pharaohs disappear, but if the spin had a win, the pharaoh stays. So if a player is lucky, he can manage to end up playing an impressive amount of free spins and that increases the winning potential players can achieve.


Maximum payouts

Although we can’t tell an exact number for the maximum payouts for Egyptian Rise, we think that this game has a good winning potential.


Even though winnings of 1,000 x could be hard to achieve, they are achievable due to the fact that the free spins bonus has no concrete amount of spins and with 243 ways to win it is a lot easier to get good 5 of a kind winning combinations.


Ancient Egypt is a game that greatly combines the historical aspects of Ancient Egypt and brings them out in a very attractive way.


There is no doubt that this game is a complete eye candy and besides that, this game has simple features that are still very exciting as players don’t need any scatters to trigger free spins and every win on base game gets you closer to the free spins.


This slot won’t leave you bored and we think it is worth trying with real money to really explore the neon vibes and the unlimited free spins this game has to offer. The key word for everything in this game is consistency and we are sure this game will provide you with consistent entertainment.

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