Dinosaur Adventure

Dinosaur adventure is a non progressive Genesis gaming video slot machine with a prehistoric theme that features volcanoes, Abrosaurus, titanosaurus and other species of dinosaurs’. The screen displays four rows, 5000 coins and a combination of 1024 ways to win. It features wild symbols, multipliers free spins as well as scatter symbols.


If you have ever encountered Jurassic Park the movie, then this will not be any different. The gaming slot is available in both HTML 5 and flash variations so that players can access it from there mobile phones and tablets alike. Learn everything you need to know about it in detail below and have fun while playing.


How to play

The game has a row of six buttons for controlling the play. This includes:


Spin – Sets the reel in motion.


Bet Max- allows for spinning of the reel at the best coin value and coins per line bet for the game.


Choose Bet– for picking your coin denomination. The range to choose from varies


Line Bet– this is allows you to pick the number of coins to bet with (allowed up to 5).


Select lines – enable you to alter the pay lines up to a maximum of 20.


Auto spin– Lets you start and stop automatic spins.


Special features

You could be worried about scatters that do not fall directly into your pay line. The scatter symbols are a special feature that really addresses this issue by allowing you an extra bonus slot while play is in progress. In addition to this, you get a number of (free) slot spins that come in handy for paying off giants thereby increasing your chances of winning without risking your gambling bets. It is worth to mention that the wild symbols allows you to increase your chances of victory by either enabling you replace any character as well as value in pay line or change over multiple lines, with the latter acting as one tile of many values.


Maximum pay out

You will be surprised to know that the bets placed per pay line could actually allow you to have a maximum payout of $ 1,600,000. This amount of money gives you the much-needed desire to claim the hefty jackpot once you win.


Where to play other than just on line platforms

If you are looking to play this game online, you can either head to Vegas Paradise or Jackpot Paradise casinos, where you can create an create or open an account and take your chances as you gamble your bets to a lottery that could either come just once in a life time.

This interactive game is much simpler compared to other online games. The music that plays as the volcanoes erupts or a baby dinosaur’s pops up on the interphase during game play captivates your mind with imageries that gives you the feeling of walking amongst some of nature’s most wonderful reptiles. Furthermore, the interactive features and direct approach in terms of the lay out and easy to follow mode of play makes this game a must to play for any age group.


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