Cannonball Bay

The Cannonball Bay Pokie is a 5-reel pirate-themed game, which features objects of pirates symbols and treasures. It is a Pokie that allows you to spin and be lucky as the objects are rolling on the screen. It is also a 25 pay-line video slot that is easy to play.


The game is all about a war zone that entails pirates, along with their crew, who are at war, until one is eliminated. All you need to do is to go out and win the treasures and avoid meeting with the pirates. The more treasures you land on, the more money you will win, literally. So it is all about spinning and landing on the treasures. When you land on some pirate symbols, you will have less money as a result.



How To Play?

This is a 5-reel video game, which means that it is among the simplest to play. All you need to do is to spin the reels and land on the treasures. To begin, you will need to place your bet, which has a minimum of $0.01 and a maximum of $50. You must choose the bet that you wish to place and once you have placed it, you will simply click on Spin.


There are more navigation options that are placed below the reels. The amount of money you win will be determined by the objects you have landed when you spin the reels. The more treasure you land, the more money you will earn, but if you get more pirates or unmatched letters and symbols, your money will be reduced.


Maximum Win

You can win any amount of money in this game, which is awarded in terms of money, though for the big wins, they are awarded in coins. For instance, the highest you can win is 1500 coins, which you will win if you get all the 5 reels correct. That is, when you spin on the game and the symbols that land on the reel are all similar, you will win the 2000 coins. The most valuable symbols are the wild symbols and when you land on the treasure, you get more bonus and coins.


Special Features

There are additional features of this game, which make it more unique and allow you to enjoy even more as you win more money. They include the following;


Free spins. You will get 5 free spins whenever you land on more than 3 scattered symbols, like the pirate’s symbol. When you are playing the free spins, the cannonballs will be shot at the symbols on the screen, which transforms the symbols into wild symbols.


Free coins. In case you land on the wild between two and five wild symbols, you can earn as much as 2000 coins.
If you get about five scattered symbols, you will win a maximum of 50 coins.


How does this game stand up against others?

The Cannonball Bay Pokie has an amazing graphic combination, which makes it super elegant on the display. It is a great pokie that meets the modern standards, especially since you will be able to play as you bet and the more you land on matching objects and symbols, the more money you earn.It is more of an entertainment game that allows you to win as you play along.

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