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NextGen Just Launched King Kong Pokie Machine

king-kong-nextgen-logoThe King Kong Pokie by NextGen is a simple and straightforward pokie game. The symbols are drawn in the 50s style of the original film although the characters mimic the 2005 movie. You can choose to play up to 25 lines.

The minimum bet is $0.01, which totals $0.25, and the maximum bet is $2.00 per line, which is a total of $50.00 for 25 lines. The gameplay is very simple.

You just click on the play button. To select the bet, you can click on the coins next to the play button. For other options like autoplay and the number of lines that you want to play you select the gear button.

What we love?

The first thing that has to be mentioned is the actual art of the drawings. They are well made and the graphics of the Jokers are engaging. The King Kong goes Ape feature is another great point.

Apart from the great graphics that go with getting a Joker in the middle, it gives you three central Jokers and the possibility of an extra joker to the side. This feature can give a great payout.

A big win can even be times 25 of the total bet. This doesn’t happen often, however. The payout itself is pretty average, the lowest payout for 2 identical symbols is the bet multiplied by 2. The highest possible payout is times 7500 for 5 ladies. This, naturally, is extremely rare as it should be.

Finally, the biggest points are the Jokers. They do come up often which can ultimately lead to a nice sum of money.

king kong slot screenshot big

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What we do not like

The only added game that the King Kong Pokie has is the King Kong Smash game. If you are lucky enough to get three “Smashers”, you enter a new game. Here you will see King Kong on a building with planes flying around him.

The aim is to choose to smash left or right. Once you miss three times the game is over. However, if you hit just one plane you get a win. You can choose between a number of free games (25 free games for two planes destroyed) or a special mystery prize.

Either of the two choices can give great rewards. Unfortunately, this game is extremely rare. In fact, after playing over 200 games, I played the Smash Game once. Although it promises a great payout, it’s too rare to count as an actual attribute.

The graphics of the game are fine, but not more than that. It is basically a very simple game with no background music and an average gameplay. It is perhaps too simple.

Worth Playing?

Although this game promises a large payout, which is fun when it happens, King Kong Pokie is far too repetitive. Jokers do come up, but actual payouts are mediocre at best. If you play the smallest amount possible, you can play for a long time.

However, this game is not addictive in any positive sense. The play button is simple, the pokies turn up some rewards, and the additional game too rare. All this leads to a boring pokie game that gives too little.

Although reminiscent of “old-school” pokie games, there are far too many better games on the market now. The final conclusion is that this game is not worth playing.

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