Wild Wild West

The Wild West brought many pilgrims to the sandy deserts and the Rocky Mountains it offered as a refuge and a chance for a new start. But the pilgrims and prospectors weren’t the only ones that decided to settle in these burning wastelands.


Every outlaw and gunslinger that was looking for some quick money to be taken made his way to the many new towns that rose up in the deserts of the Wild West. With them a lot of legendary bank robberies began to happen all over the region all that as a means to strike it rich fast and with no work involved.


At that time trains were the only way to transport wages and valuables from one region to another, so the money trains also became a constant target of the masked desperados.


Wild Wild West tells the tale of one particular train heist, where our four ruthless outlaws Jesse, Bella, Apache and Billy the Kid try to take it all and pull out the biggest robbery the Wild West has seen.


The game play flows perfectly with the comic book design used and the tense background music. Will our heroes succeed in their mission or not depends only on you and your guts to go for the ultimate prize on the reels of Wild Wild West.




There is only one software provider in the industry today that managed to build a name and reputation thanks to a great Wild West theme pokie game.


That developer is Net Entertainment and the game is Dead or Alive. Some similarities can be seen between the two games in the outlaw symbols, but other than that they are two totally different worlds.


How to Play


Wild Wild West has a small number of only 10 pay lines, which go over 5 reels and 3 rows on the screen. As we already know, a simple design doesn’t mean small payouts when it comes to NetEnt, so hold your horses before you jump to early conclusions.


The bet levels are decent starting with $0.10 and ending with $100 per spin, while the Auto Play option will let you enjoy the action from a distance without lifting a finger. That’s the true outlaw way.


Special Features


Every train robbery has to have a big old steel safe, lying around in one of the wagons, waiting for you to come and crack it open. You’ll have your chance once 3 Safe symbols land on reels 1, 3 and 5.


Be careful which safe you chose as one is emptier than the other and only one awards a big payout. Once the safe is wiped clean from the last remaining dollar, it’s time to move on to the free spins bonus.  Yes Wild Wild West is a generous game to those who dare play it, offering two bonus features.


The free spins will award you with 10, 20 or 30 free spins, depending on whether a total of 3, 4 or 5 Lucky Sevens land on the reels. But the show is just getting started as the Wheel of Fortune will increase the stakes by awarding a Regular Wild, Expanding Wild, x2 Multiplier Wild or a Spreading Wild.


The wild awarded in the Wheel of Fortune will randomly appear in every free spin on reels 1-3 and will help in increasing the overall payouts. If you do the job right you might just steal ways enough of the green gold to live a peaceful life in luxury and anonymity on some distant ranch.


Maximums Payout


Wild Wild West has an attractive set of bonus features which every outlaw online will try to use to the maximum possible limits. In case you are wondering what they are, we’ll put the numbers on the table and say 50,000 golden coins.




We’re glad to see that Net Entertainment still has ideas left when it comes to pokies with Wild West themes. It seems that Dead or Alive is not the last of the outlaws that go on a rampage over the western prairies and maybe another gang of outlaws will emerge on the scene soon.


We don’t know if there will be enough safes to be stolen for everyone or a real gunfight will burst out between rival gangs. Even though Dead or Alive is the most famous gang of outlaws in the Wild West until now, Wild Wild West is gaining on them fast. Which side will you take depends only on the amount of gold you will find in each one.

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