When Pigs Fly


Pigs may not be the most favorite animals in the world, but nevertheless many software providers have dedicated a number of their pokie games to these generally greedy creatures.


So far some of the most famous titles feature the main pig symbol as a Karate master, a piggy rich gentleman, but this is the first game where he has aeronautical abilities. We’re not talking of some freak of nature with an extra pair of wings attached, but a real deal space astronaut with his very own space rocket.


Each winning spin on the reels brings this space hero one step closer to the launch pad, capturing each set of his preparation by high quality animations. Even though the game has a generally cartoon look, you can’t avoid the tension as you are marching to the last needed step to launch this pig into orbit.




When Pigs Fly is a video pokie game powered by the mega popular software provider Net Entertainment. According to many online gamblers NetEnt is the best software provider in the world, so it is no wonder why they are constantly launching new pokie games on the market.


With When Pigs Fly the designers at NetEnt decided to borrow the overall game design and concept from the popular pokie game Reel Rush. Even though many details are identical, the funny game theme, symbols and great animations, may put When Pigs Fly way ahead of its predecessor.


How to Play


For this video pokie game, NetEnt decided to use the ways to win design, instead of the traditional pay lines system. Wins are formed from left to right, starting with the first reel and a starting 45 ways to win.


The starting bet size is set at $0.50 per spin, up to the maximum $100 and the ways to win number increases with each consecutive winning spin on the reels.


Special Features


When Pigs Fly has only one bonus feature to offer, in the form of 8 free spins played on the maximum possible number of ways to win. There are no scatter or bonus symbols that trigger the free spins, so NetEnt decided to use the consecutive winning spins feature in When Pigs Fly.


The player will need to land 5 consecutive winning spins in order to activate the maximum ways to win and trigger the free spins. Each winning spin in a row also increases the number of rows per reel and with that the ways to win number. Once the free spins are triggered on the reels, the bonus round is played on the full 5 reels, 5 rows with the maximum 3,125 ways to win.


The feature can’t be retriggered and no extra free spins can be awarded, so the only help in the bonus is the wild symbol, which can land on several positions on a single reel. This way with a few wilds across the reels and high paying symbols, a big win is possible in every spin.


Maximums Payout


When Pigs Fly is promoted to have a maximum payout value of 480,000 coins. This is the same maximum possible payout from its bigger brother and is more than a decent payout to chase.




We are happy to see that a great software provider like Net Entertainment is expanding their games collection on a regular basis, despite the already leading role they have in the online gambling world. Some of their latest releases were good, some were not so good, just like in any other provider, but When Pigs Fly is a very interesting product which is sure to attract a great dose of attention. The main advantage in When Pigs Fly over the original Reel Rush is the choice of game theme and symbols design.


Reel Rush is a bit boring because of the lack of animations and interesting symbols, while When Pigs Fly seems very fun to play because with each winning spin you can see the pig astronaut getting more and more anxious to start the launch. It’s a smart decision to keep the game concept as the original, because of the big payout potential it has.


This way NetEnt managed to combine the best from both, fun game play and big payouts, which is sure to set When Pigs Fly on one of the top places in the NetEnt video pokies collection.

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