Vegas Party

The recent launch of NetEntertainment’s The Vegas Party Slot Machine has seen a return to the basic, classic formula that originally made slots so addictive. But hey why fix something that isn’t broken? Essentially what NetEnt have done is give a slightly ageing mobile slot game a fun new facelift! So what can you expect when you launch The Vegas Party? Well everything you might expect from going to Vegas itself! From James Bond to The Joker, Cleopatra and some pirates. This is an exclusive slot game that has been developed for LeoVegas.



How To Play

The Vegas Party is based upon a five separate reel system with 3 rows. It is a similar format to the usual slot machine games so should feel immediately familiar to anyone who has played them before, whereby you attempt to align matching symbols on the different reels to win. But what really distinguishes it from other slot games is that it has three special game features; the wild symbols (Ok so nothing too new there) that substitute with other symbols to make winning combos, the Linked Reels Feature and an impressive 243 Ways to Win!


Special Features

The Vegas Party isn’t filled with lots of slot features that can often be intimidating and hard to get into in other games. But the ones it does have (as mentioned above) are very interesting and impactful! For starters the ‘243 Ways to Win’ deserves a whole section to itself! How this works is that rather than the usual winning lines that video slots have, getting 3 or more identical symbols anywhere on the reels instead form winning combinations! So anytime in other games where you wished the slot had just moved one more rung is now a thing of the past with Vegas Party.


The number of additional symbols that are on the reel then multiplies the coin win of a combination. For example:


If you have 3 identical symbols anywhere on reel 1, 2 and 3 then you will win 15 coins. But if there is another identical symbol on any of the reels, then the coin win is multiplied by the number of the extra symbols. Therefore an extra symbol on one row times the win by 2 (30). If there was another matching symbol on the next row it would then times 30 by 2, making 60.


As for the Linked Reels feature, this is believed to be one of the most innovative features designed by NetEnt. What it does is cause each spin to begin with identical and adjacent twin reels, therefore you are always going to be getting two reels that are exactly the same! And what this means that you are having a greatly increased chance of getting a winning combination. Once these spins are matched with Wild Cards then they can multiply and you could be in for some serious winnings.


Maximum Payouts

An interesting thing about Vegas Party is that there is a theoretic payout of 96.6%. We are sure this is a factor that will draw a lot of people to the game and you can reportedly win up to 135,000 in cash! Combine this with over 240 ways to win and it seems like a pretty rewarding game to play!


Our concluding Thoughts

Well what can we say? The Vegas Party Slot Machine has not only teamed simplicity with Vegas style, making it enjoyable and accessible to anyone. But it has also introduced several new features that truly set it apart from other slot games and make it very exciting to play.


For starters, the mere name 243 Ways to Win’ is something that gets our adrenaline going and the excitement of this prospect and loading up the reels with matching symbols is enough to make anyone want to play. We can’t over express the potential thrill that such a simple game has and being able to see your winnings multiply along the reels is a great feeling.


Having said that a simple game it is and there are those who might wish to play something a little more tasking that requires a bit more though, but that isn’t to say enjoyment can’t be found by anyone in Vegas Party when given the chance! So if you are tempted to give it a go then two of the top listed sites for to play it on are either Jackpot Paradise or  Vegas Paradise. They both offer a welcome bonus of $/£200 for new players and so they are well worth signing up to and having some fun with


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