The Invisible Man

You will often find that 20 payline slot games are some of the older slots on offer in most online gaming platforms, however NetEnt have design done of their very latest must play slot games that being the Invisible Man Slot with 20 pay lines and as such anyone seeking a slot with a modest number of paylines will find this slot a great one to play online.


How to Play


One aspect to the playing structure and format of this slot that you need to factor into your playing strategy is that you are not able to alter the number of lines you send into live play per base game spin you send spinning, for all 20 paylines do have to be put into play as this slot is a fixed payline slot.


Do not be put off playing it however as you can adjust the coin values you attach to each of those 20 paylines and you can also play more than one coin on each of those paylines if you want to play it for higher stake amounts. The slot can also be play by you making use of the auto play feature if you want the slot to affectively play each spin for you automatically.


Maximum Win


The jackpot which you can win on the Invisible Man slot game from a single base game spin on this slot is 500 coins, that jackpot is paid is paid when you have a line of Flora Cranley character symbols lining up on any payline activated. If you play more than one coin one each line the jackpot grows by another 500 coins for each additional coin put into play on that payline. Four Jackpot symbols awards a 150 coin payout per coin wagered and three of them from left to right awards a 20 coin winning payout per coin wagered on that payline.


Special Features


You need to collect up the Slice Spins meter as you are play off the base game on the Invisible Man slot and as soon as you do you are then awarded with 3 free spins on which up to 5 wild symbols will be added to the reels for each free spins played off.


You are also going to get to play off a pick to win bonus game when playing this slot game and that bonus game will see you picking off locations displayed on the bonus game screen to be awarded with a cash payout on each one of them you do decide to click on.


How Does This Game Stand Up Against Others?


As you have found out by reading through this review of The Invisible Man slot game there are plenty of reason why you should play it online whenever you get the chance, however one important aspect regarding its playing structure and format is that it comes with a payout percentage that has been set high and that payout percentage in case you are wondering is 96.4%!

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