Stickers Slot Machine is one of the latest slot machines from NetEnt, commonly referred to as Net Entertainment. This is a fruit-themed slot machine. Stickers slot machine officially arrived in casinos in May 2015 and currently it can be found in several licensed NetEnt casinos. In case you want to play this slot machine today, just head to Vegas Paradise or Jackpot Paradise Casinos.



There are only 3 types of symbols in this slot machine – playing card values, a wild symbol and fruits. The values of playing card run from ten to ace while the fruits include melons, oranges plums and strawberries.


All the twenty pay lines in Stickers Slot Machine are fixed. You can decide to choose your bet level from 1 to 10 and the coin values from 0.01-1.00. The final wager that you get is your coin size when multiplied by the coin value then multiplied by twenty. The higher the bet level that you choose, the higher the prize value your that possible payouts become.


You can win one of the payouts being offered by landing at a minimum of 3 identical symbols in a given sequence on active pay lines. The lowest possible win that you can get is for3 tens, queens or jacks at 10x your bet-per-line. The win for the jackpot is for 5 strawberries, at four hundred times your wager.



Wild Symbol: This refers to the word ‘WILD’ which is in front of the red playing card symbol of spade. The symbol substitutes for all the other symbols.


Sticky Spin Feature: Each and every time you usually land any wild symbol, you’re awarded the free sticky re-spin. When this happens, the wild symbol usually becomes a sticky wild and it remains in the same place while the reels re-spin. In case you land any other wild symbol after this re-spin, it also becomes as a sticky wild and it will also trigger another re-spin. Re-spins usually continue with the sticky wilds until there are no more wild symbols that appear.




There is an option for the player to play Stickers slot machine by choosing either in the free play mode or through the real money versions of this slot machine. Therefore, if like the sound of this game it after having read through this review, feel free to sample the unique playing structures and formats at any of the sites powered by NetEnt software.


However, just like any other mobile or online slot game; you will have access to a wide range of staking options that are available on this game. The first and very important aspect of the design of Stickers slot machine is that it’s a twenty-fixed pay line slot. As a result, you do not have control over how many lines that you have to put into play since all 20 of the lines require a different stake to be placed on them before one can send the reels spinning.


However, you can choose one of different coin values that begin at a modest and low 0.01. In addition, the slot is also configured so as to allow the players to increase their number of coins on every line that they put in play and up to ten coins on every line. The maximum payouts cash that one can win by playing the Stickers slot machine is 80,000 per spin. Nevertheless, the jackpots payouts are awarded through this slot machine are very unique free spins bonuses.



Stickers slot machine serves as a perfect entry-level game and it’s a very great game for the new players who are still struggling in order to get their heads into the world of online slots machines and their special symbols, multiple pay lines, bonus games as well as bonus features.

However, it is also important to note that this game is a little bit too simplistic just for its own good. There’s only the sticky wild feature that doesn’t seem to come up often. The end result is a slot machine which becomes repetitive too quickly. As a result, the established players are going to get tired of this game within just a few spins. Even new players are likely to experience the need of finding something different which they can play pretty quickly.



You can play Stickers slot machine at one of the below named mobile casinos: Vegas Paradise, Mr. Green and Jackpot Paradise casinos. Vegas Paradise and Jackpot Paradise are the top 2 casinos where you can play this game online. Furthermore, the two casinos usually offer welcome bonuses of $/£200 for every new players.

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