With a new age design and a futuristic theme, the NRVNA slot machine from Netent surely does make for a whole new experience. Its lately one of the most popular slots, with thousands of players trying their fortune on it everyday. This piqued our interest and we decided to review this new age themed slot machine.


Theme and design.

NRVNA is popularly known as the ‘Next experience’, mostly due to the futuristic visuals and aesthetics. The images are made brilliantly and the theme gives an immersive modern look which adds to the charm of the video slot in itself. The neat animations when selecting pay lines are selected adds to the visual effects too. Combined with a light new age melody, the theme in itself is a huge reason why everyone should try this video slot.

How to Play it

NRVNA like other slots has 30 pay lines spread along 5 reels which you can select. The pay lines can be either selected from the left and right end corners or by just adding lines through the bottom right button. On the left side of lines button you can select the max bet option if you want to make turn with maximum amount of bet possible in a round.


On the bottom left of the slot, you can adjust the level of the game along with adjusting the value of coins you put in. Once adjusted according to your preferences you can simply click on the button in the bottom of the slot, to start spinning the machine. You can view the balance amount of coins in the bottom right of the slot. You can also choose the auto play option to let NRVNA slot machine to automatically play more rounds with the same pay lines and coin values.


Special features.

NRVNA Slot machine has a variety of special features like wild symbols and multipliers, free spins, scatter symbols etc. Wild symbols and multipliers can appear in any position on any reel, and can do so in both normal and free spins. Wild symbols can substitute for all symbols except scatter symbols and thus create highest paying winning bet line. If a combination of wild symbols is made, then the winnings are tripled.


Scatter symbols activate free spins in NRVNA. A combination of 3 scatter symbols will give you 10 free spins while combinations of 4 and 5 scatter symbols will credit you 15 and 30 free spins respectively. You can earn more free spins if scatter symbols appear in a combination of 3 or more during your free spins mode. Free spins however are played with the same bet level and coin value with which your last normal round was played on.


The NRVNA Wheel is a symbol which can be activated only during the free spins mode. The wheel has two separate rings to it, one which gives you multipliers ranging from ‘X2’ to ‘X10’ and other which gives you +1 or +2 free spins.


Once a free spins round ends the rings are further spun with extra free spins or with a multiplier spin. The extra free spins are added to the already won free spins while the multipliers are added to the end of the round. If you have had a wild card combinations in that round they will be included too thus multiplying your winnings drastically.


Maximum Payouts.

The NRVNA slot machine has a huge number of multipliers available which multiplies the max bet of $150 to a whopping $300,000 in a single spin. The huge payouts is also one of the reasons why NRVNA is becoming popular among video slot gamers.


The final overview.

NRVNA slot machine is a great video slot based on a refreshing new age design. Combined with sounds and amazing animations the game is very immersive. The wide variety of multipliers, wild symbols and free spins allows you to get a greater chance of winning. Combined with the attractive payouts, its become imperative that anyone who like playing slot machines should try it some time.


NRVNA slot machines are available in various online casinos. The most popular websites include Vegas paradise and Jackpot paradise where you can get an additional $200 as a welcome bonus when you sign up for playing. So take advantage of the offer and try your luck in the futuristic adventure now.

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