Neon Staxx

Net Entertainment have recently launched their latest slot game Neon Staxx and after spending some time with it we feel like it is about time to give it a review! First of all Neon Staxx Slot Machine is following on the back of Net Entertainment’s Dracula Touch games and Spinata Grande, so it has some pretty big shoes to fill and there was definitely excitement about how they were going to continue the 5×4 slot series.




What Are You In Store For?

So how did NetEnt continue this trend? By tacking us back to the 80s of course! Cue some classic 80s electronic music and an arcade style reminiscent of the likes of Tron and you will be in for a blast from the past. That is providing you were around in the 80s in the first place and it makes you wonder whether this game is actually aimed at a particular age group.


For those who were present in the 80s this arcade style slot machine will provide an initial throwback moment that will definitely grab your attention. We personally felt a vibe from the film Drive and that is in no way a bad thing!


How Does It Play?

Anyway, past surface impression and how exactly does the game play? The core of Neon Staxx is simplicity, whereby an easy style can make for easy wins. NetEnt have a track record of focusing on a particular feature and make that the body of the game and in Staxx’s it is the stacking of symbols. Players will look to stack any symbol on the reel and this is inclusive of the wild cards, by doing this you can win pretty easily and you are likely to win fairly consistently the more you play.


What Makes Stacking Different To Free Spins?

As we mentioned, the aim of players is to build up SuperStaxx as opposed to the usual free spins. This is the addictive part that will keep you wanting to play and by building these you can get such bonuses as 15 free spins ! Thus increasing your chances of a win, though we aren’t too sure how consistently the wins come along quite yet.


How Much Can You Look To Make?

The highest valued payout of the game is an impressive 80,000 coins. To do this you must master the game and have a bit of luck as well – remember to pray to the slot gods beforehand! This can be achieved through triggering the bonus game and provides you with some real potential to get some good wins that can be anywhere from 5 to 40 times your bet.


What’s Our Conclusion

The Neon Staxx slot machine game will play on anyone’s fondness of 80s memorabilia, but is this enough to keep us going back for more? We think that whilst this might not be the most rewarding game in terms of payouts, it is another strong addition to the NetEnt lineup and if you are looking for a new slot game then it is well worth giving it a go, especially thanks to its focus on stacking symbols instead of wild cards. But it isn’t the strongest game in NetEnt’s lineup, having said that it is a strong lineup indeed and this is perhaps why we went in with such high expectations.


Therefore if we had to summarize Neon Staxx it would be as a classic arcade inspired lot game that you could quite happily play for hours on end. It is a slot game that has been designed to entertain and whether that is an audience with a fondness for the 80s or just by adding a slick new visual style it definitely manages to achieve this. It might not be the first choice for big gamblers but if you are just starting out on slots or if you haven’t got the biggest budget then you will be well suited to it and you will definitely enjoy playing it!


If you are interested then there are a variety of sites that you can play the game on but be sure to head over to either of the top two listed sites for it – Jackpot Paradise or Vegas Paradise – to get playing. They offer a welcome bonus of $/£200 for new players and you would be silly to turn your back on the opportunity.


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