For a good number of years now, NetEnt has been leading in the gaming arena by creating the most popular and highly paying online slot games. What’s more, their games are known to stand among the others as they offer an entirely different and unique gaming environment. To ensure that they remain at the top, the company has recently launched a new slot game that is changing the face of the gaming world. This game is the Dracula slot machine which bears a remarkable theme, excellent features among other aspects. Below is an overview of the game that covers all the major points all players need to know before playing it.


Theme of the Game

This adventurous game merely enables the player to get rich by aiding Dracula, the world’s most famous vampire, quest his great thirst for blood. Dracula has left his home, Transylvanian, for Carfax Abbey, London. It is London that the player is required to get him victims for his blood need, after which they will be rewarded. At the start of the game, Dracula has a few fat ladies, tramps, and alcoholics and if you bring him, similar victims, he will let the player play his Stacked Bonus, Wild Bonus, and Free Spins feature.


How to Play the Game

When you click on the play button, you will be able to watch a short movie in which a young lady is running away from a colony of evil bats. She soon trips over her feet, making it easy for Dracula to get her.
Once this short movie is over, you will be directed to the playing panel where you will find Dracula tapping his fingers as he waits to dive into action. To get a reel to spin, you start by making a bet (by selecting a level as well as a coin value). From that point forward, you can press the Play Button, and the evil bats will start flying away from the button. This means you have started your game


Special Features of the Game

The first feature in Dracula slot machine that can make you some good amount of money is the randomly triggered wild function known as the Bat Feature. As the name suggests, this feature gets set off at random intervals as you continue playing the game. In this feature, the Dracula transforms into a colony of bats that flies past the reels, turning a random amount into the same wilds/icons. This feature is highly profitable to players given that there are endless possibilities of transforming the reels, and you can end up winning a jackpot.

Another feature that you can enjoy while playing this game is when two graphic reels with Dracula and his princess come into play on reels 2 and 4. The event triggers 10 free spins which play out automatically without the player being involved. Another feature that makes it possible to attain free spins is the three wild symbols that are in play in the base game. However, these wild symbols only spin in on the middles three reels (that is the second, third and fourth spins).

Maximum Payouts

Dracula is basically a 5 reel slot game comprising of 40 lines. Coupled with the special features that have been outlined above, the slot machine allows you to win a handsome amount of money. You can place bets ranging from as little as $0.2 to $10 and reap the game`s maximum payout of $80,000.

Final Thoughts on Dracula Slot Machine

Dracula slot machine, since it’s launching in April 2015 by NetEnt developers, is probably one of the most played and highly payable games when compared to other online slot games. What makes this game so attractive and stand from the others is their unique features such as the staking profits, pay tables and base, playing structures and even the special bonuses they come with.

One particular aspect that makes this game different from the rest is the unique Bat feature that is randomly awarded to the player. This means you won`t have to wait for a long period for any scatter or bonus symbol to spin in to alert you about the feature.

Where Can You Play It?

Though there are numerous online casinos today that are offering this game, it is crucial to choose ones that will give you the best gaming experience. There are 2 highly recommended casinos that will satisfy your entire Dracula Slot machine gaming needs namely Vegas Paradise and Jackpot Paradise. In addition to giving you a good gaming experience, the two casinos also offers a welcome bonus of $/£200 for new players.

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