Wild Orient

The Wild Orient is themed around the jungles of Asia and the animals that live in them. These are the iconic animals, endemic to Asia, which sets its jungles apart. The tiger, elephant and panda, are the game’s high value picture symbols.




The Wild Orient is a new pokie, developed by Microgaming. Microgaming are based in The Isle of Man. Despite their name, they are one of the largest pokie developers, out there. They stated the first online casino in 1994, and since then, they have released over 600 games.


The have expanded into the mobile platform. If a company can survive, developing games, for that long, they must do a few things right. Microgaming makes a good game. They do not have the best graphics or animations, and they clone their pokies quite often. However, Microgaming makes up for it with great gameplay and features.



The Wild Orient is set in a dark green bamboo forest. The boarders of the pokie are also made of Bamboo. The pokie captures the theme well. It looks like, a game that just grew out of the jungle, with the canvas reels.


All the high value picture symbols are animals, and are animated when they form winning paylines. This is something Microgaming has been doing a lot. Instead of drawing big ugly paylines through their pokies, they have been animating all the symbols in the payline. It still shows the player how they won, but it looks much better.


The panel is located at the bottom of the screen. It has a simple design, which houses all the games control. This is a generic Microgaming panel, which they use in many of their games. It works well with the design of the game, because it is black. However, a custom panel designed for the pokie, with the jungle theme in mind, would have looked nicer.


How to Play


There are 243 paylines in The Wild Orient, which means that a symbol counts towards a win if it lands anywhere on an adjacent reel. Paylines are played left to right, and the first symbol has to be in the furthermost reel to the left. It is pretty generic game play. The Spin Button, will spin the reels, and when they stop the player is rewarded whatever they have won.


The highest win is played per line. The player can adjust their bet with the controls in the panel. It is a fixed line game, meaning the player adjusts the amount bet, but all the lines can still win. For more information about paylines, betting, and symbol values, the player should consult the Plays Tab on the right of the screen.


Special Features


The Wild Orient has a feature with allows the player to respin the reels, at any time. There is a variable cost for doing so, which is determined by what the player stands to win. If respinning a reel will win big, it will be expensive to respin.


The player can respin the reel as many times as they would like. It is done, with the button under the reel. It is a great feature that allows players another chance at making a big wins. It can be quite lucrative to respin five in a row wins, in the hope of landing the win again. With the 243 paylines, this is not that difficult to do.


The Free Spins feature is trigger when the player land 3 or more elephant scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. There is a 3x multiplier in the free spins game, which ensures big wins. It is otherwise the same as the base game, and the player is given 15 free spins.

Maximum Payout


The base game has a maximum of 160x stake which the player can win. This is a casual 8000 coins. It is not the best jackpot, out there, but it is still a sizable figure. In the free spins game, with the multiplier, this is a potential 480x stake.




The Wild Orient is another game from Microgaming. Another is a very appropriate word in the context because Microgaming has been pumping out this exact gameplay with different skins. Bikini Party and Dragon Dance are two off the top of the head.


It is still a great game, and if the company are having success with it, why not? If the player is looking for a new pokie, this is not the one. It has great features. The reel respin is an exciting way to make paylines, with a bit of strategy behind it. And the free spins, are a lucrative way to triple wins, and not pay for spins.

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