Tower Quest

If you love fantasy-based games, and if you also love slots, you are going to really love playing Tower Quest. This is a five-reel, fixed 20-payline slot machine video game that lets you enjoy playing the slots while also enjoying a fantasy-themed role-playing game.


The Theme

When playing the Tower Quest slot machine, you will be transported to a world of fantasy where you need to defeat the evil wizards. Your goal is to collect the blue and red potion flasks. This will bring on the Wild Symbols, and you get free spins throughout the base game. When you activate the Tower Quest Bonus Game, you will have an encounter with the Evil Wizard and meet him head-on in a Card-Battle Game.


Playing Tower Slots

The screen background is a combination of dark clouds and a medieval tower. Each reel is guarded by two gargoyles, and symbols include elves, dragons, mages, magic potions, etc. Each symbol brings the game alive, and some of the symbols offer high payouts. As you play, with each spin you will collect the potion flasks to get Wild Symbols and free spins. Then, you get to activate the bonus game and earn even more money.


Special Features

This game is loaded with fun special features that will make you want to keep on playing. For instance, there is the Base Game Tower Wild Symbol. This is a wild card that lets you create the highest paying combinations. The Tower Wild can only create winning combinations when the symbols show up singly in a reel, or in multiple reels. With the Symbol, you have better chances of winning. Other fun features of this game include.


Blue Flask and Red Flask Scatter Symbols – These are important features of Tower Quest because they will activate features that give you even better rewards. Once you have amassed a certain amount of Blue and Red Flasks, new game levels will be activated and you will be able to use other special features.


Tower Quest Bonus Game – Your goal is to collect three icons anywhere within the reel. This will activate the Tower Quest Bonus Game, where you will face the Evil Wizard.


Wilds – There are several Wild icons throughout the game. These include the Empowered Wilds, the Everburning Wilds, and the Tower Wild Multiplier. There are also Temporary Wilds, which you can get when a Blue or Red Flask Free Spin game turns them into high-paying symbols.


Scatter –This is one of the best symbols in the game, because it will let you use many other features. Once you have collected 10 symbols, you can manually turn on the feature you want. Every 10 symbols, a new feature is unlocked. Once you unlock 10, you get Empowered Wilds, or five free spins that are multiplied by three. When you reach 30 scatters, you unlock the Everburning Wilds and get five free spins with a new Sticky Wild at the beginning of each spin. The Scatter symbol is represented by the Red Potion icon.


Another fun feature of Tower Quest is the flask collection meter. You will see this on both sides of the screen, and it shows you what level you are able to play at. There is an “Activate” prompt that flashes beside the Red or Blue Flash Indicators, and you have the option to activate a flask right away or wait until you are at a different game level.


Maximum Bets and Payouts

There is a nice range for betting in this game. Bets start at $0.20, and can go as high as $100. There is also a separate coin bet range that goes from $0.01 to $1. All you need to do is use the “Coins” option, along with the plus and minus buttons to be able to use this betting feature. The maximum payout for Tower Quest is $1,250, so you can get pretty decent winnings without having to spend a lot of money to play.


Compared to other slot machine games, Tower Quest is a lot more exciting. The special features, battles with the Evil Wizard, etc. make it more fun than a typical slot machine, and the payout is nothing to sneeze at. You can play Tower Quest online at Vegas Paradise and at Jackpot Paradise. Both sites offer a welcome bonus of $200 for all new players, so you have nothing to lose. Go ahead and try Tower Quest today, and enjoy fantasy and slots all in one.

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