The Treasure Blast

The Treasure Blast Pokie is a five reel, forty pay-line slot machine that claims to blast its players into big wins. Utilizing graphics and symbols appropriate for its individual theme, Treasure Blast Pokie makes use of a unique combination of stacked wilds, going so far as to allow players the option of determining when to start the bonus game using their free spins.



A perfect companion to Goldify (god-themed slots) and Moving moments, Treasure Blast is oriental in its theme; based loosely upon the epic adventures of Guy Fawkes, the Treasure Blast Pokie is brimming with Chinese flair, utilizing colorful fireworks, grenades and rockets to deliver explosive entertainment.


The Treasure Blast Pokie is bound to spark the pyromaniac spirit in you, the manner in which the free spins and wilds exponentially increase rewards making for quite the energetic experience.


How to Play

Treasure Blast is hardly the first oriental themed slot to emerge on the online casino landscape; however it is hardly the most conventional. Where most oriental themed slots are soft and almost feminine, Treasure Blast is bright and explosive with graphics like Chinese lanterns, fireworks, and coin splitting dragons lighting the screen (mobile or desktop).


There are five reels and forty pay lines (that are non-adjustable). With bets ranging between two pence and forty pounds (which is considerably flexible), even those picky betters are bound to appreciate Treasure Blast; though the fact that one is not afforded complete control over the machine as a result of the fixed quantity of pay lines can prove annoying, this despite the fact that the fixed pay lines ensure that one’s oriental luck is maximized.


With game symbols ranging from J to Q, K and A along with rockets (large and small), a Lion Statue, emperor, Treasure Check and Medallion, all these elements come together to create Asian Ambiance.


A STAKE button is provided, allowing players to only bet those amounts they are comfortable with, at which point one can utilize the spin (or AutoSpin) option to get the reels spinning.


Special Features

The Treasure Blast Pokie doesn’t differ that greatly from typical slot machines, featuring a wild symbol (represented by the word (WILD), substituting for all other symbols on the reel and, in the process, increasing a player’s chances of winning.


There also are  avails rocket symbols representing an extra bonus wild option; varying in size and firing into the night, these rockets will sometimes crossing the path of bomb symbols on the reel such as the grenades, turning them wild.


The Treasure Blast Pokie provides a free spins feature that can be activated at any point in time, the quantity of bonus spins enjoyed by a given player dependent upon the rockets collected (large rockets are counted as x10spisn, small rockets counting as x1spin). The lack of true bonus games or multipliers might discourage a few players.


Maximum Payout

The Treasure Blast Pokie avails a maximum payout of one thousand pounds for a single spin. The fact that the slot machine allows a maximum of 40 pounds per spin provides players the opportunity to achieve a maximum payout of 40,000.



The Treasure Blast Pokie is bound to exceed expectations; availing decent graphics and noteworthy sound effects, Treasure Blast differs rather drastically from typical oriental themed games, going bright instead of soft, and explosive and colorful as opposed to controlled and feminine, availing generous bonus game rounds, infectiously exciting spins, and decent opportunities to attain victory.


Where to Play

There are numerous online casinos through which one can take advantage of the opportunities availed by treasure blast, these including the following:


Vegas Paradise

With rewards of up to 200 pounds on a player’s first deposit and bonus offerings such as Money Madness’ $50 per deposit award and weekly bonus surprises accruing to several thousand dollars, one is encouraged to open an account with Vegas-Paradise if only to play Treasure Blast for real money.


Jackpot Paradise

By opening an account with Jackpot Paradise, new players are not only afforded the chance to play this slot machine for real money, but they can benefit from the $200 first time deposit offer, the $5000 Happiness Happens award, ‘Game of the Day’ free spins and more.

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