Play Wacky Panda Pokie Machine For Free



Wacky Panda’s mission seems to be to amuse, at the same time as it is giving you a classic pokie with a much better design than pretty much anything else you can find out there.


Naturally, the Panda Bear is the hero, and it does look like we got a wacky one on our hands. It’s not the only Panda based character that we see, with four others being shown. The wacky one is colored in red and white, smiling like a crazy person and wearing a watermelon on his head.


The others range from bears which are stuck in honey, to lady versions dressed in pink, another one that’s colored in blue, and a final baby panda which is brown and white. A couple of classic elements have also been implemented in the game, and by that, I mean that we have a grape, a bunch of bananas and a watermelon as low paying symbols.


The surrounding design is just as well made as the higher value symbols. There is bamboo everywhere, in the construction of the reels and in the forest which is shown behind them, plus you have the paytable on the right and a waterfall right behind it.




As for the company that has worked on Wacky Panda, it’s called Microgaming and there are good odds that you already know which one I’m talking about.


Hundreds of their pokies have flooded the market, and wherever you turn these days, chances are that the next casino that you will sign-up with will have pokies from this developer as well to offer. Not all their games look as good as Wacky Panda does, but they have their share of great pokies.



How To Play It


As a game that gives you a single active line, the wager counts on you selecting the number of coins and the value for them. You may spend 1, 2 or 3 coins for that one line, but with the option to also increase the denomination to as much as $100. The maximum possible bet in Wacky Panda is going to be worth $300.


It doesn’t get any easier than this, when it comes to playing a pokie. You get 1 line and 3 reels, no features to have to take into consideration, just regular combinations that are forming on a single horizontal line.


Special Features


This is where things get a lot simpler, since the game doesn’t actually have any features to give you. Though a lot of classic pokies have been known to include simpler features, such as wilds or multipliers, in Wacky Panda you get none of that.


Even with the advanced graphics which are ahead of what most games can deliver, Wacky Panda still keeps things as simple as they would’ve been in a pokie from a century ago.


Maximum Payouts


The payouts are best when they come in a round which has a 3 coins wager, particularly when we’re talking about the top jackpot combo. Three Wacky Pandas can pay 3,333 coins, or 1,111 coins per coin wagered. The actual amount that you could win is $333,300.




Wacky Panda’s superb graphics are paired with one of the simpler classic pokies that you will see launched these days, which can only be a plus for it when it comes to the players that enjoy simpler games.


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