Lost Vegas

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the pokie name Lost Vegas? Maybe some abandoned hotels or casinos? It’s safe to say that probably nothing you might think of will actually be true as from the first look the name doesn’t go with the pokies’ theme that well.


But only after getting to know the game better you will understand how the name explains the pokie. Lost Vegas is a pokie game that is inspired by a zombie theme and in this game players are given the opportunity to experience both sides, how it is to be a survivor of a zombie apocalypse and also how it is to be a bad guy, or in this case a zombie.


The color scheme for this pokie is quite dark as the battle between the two groups happens when it is scariest, in the middle of the night. The design is quite intriguing as there are many characters and it almost feels like the inspiration for the design has been taken from a comic book.


Needless to say that the game design alone will get you excited.




Lost Vegas is an upcoming game release from Microgaming software and it is announced to be released in October. Microgaming is one of the leading brands in the gaming industry and they are one of the most popular game providers amongst players.


They are well known for their extensive selection of games, where they have over 500 pokie games available and new games are released each month. In their game collection players can find many popular names, including some beloved jackpot pokies.



How to play


Lost Vegas is a typical Microgaming pokie, as it has 5 reels and 243 ways to win. The games’ bet range is from $0.30 and up to $30 per spin. Players can manipulate the bet by increasing the games overall bet size to the preferred amount and there is also an auto play option available.


Special Features


When it comes to bonus features, Lost Vegas is more than an exciting pokie as it offers a great variety of bonuses. First of all the game is available in two modes so you can pick either the survivor side or the zombie side. Each side offers a random bonus and a free spins bonus feature.


When the player is in the base game, he can change sides at any time which is great as you have a feeling of control in your hands. What both sides have in common is the fact that there is a wild symbol that substitutes all other symbols except scatters. Another thing in common is that both sides have a free spins bonus which is triggered by 3 or more scatter symbols.


However, each side has a different extra feature in the free spins. When playing in survivor mode, the player receives extra winnings for letter symbols, while in the zombie mode extra winnings are given for infected symbols. Those winnings are added to the overall win at the end of the free spins bonus.


The free spins are definitely worth waiting for as there are also wild symbols that truly come in handy when making 5oak combinations, which is easier as the game has 243 ways to win available. The second bonus feature each mode has is a random bonus.


For the zombie mode there’s a random freeze feature that can come up after a spin. It will award the player with winnings for each zombie symbol and if there is a scatter symbol, it also triggers the free spins bonus.


But for the survivors there is a zombie fist of cash that comes up randomly and awards you with a money prize. Both of the features are exciting and visually look great.


Maximums Payouts


Although at the moment we can’t say a number for the games’ maximums payouts, due to the exciting bonus features that have a high winning potential, we are sure that winnings of 1,000x bet and more can definitely be achieved.




Lost Vegas is an intriguing game release we are looking forward to play. It has a really interesting game design and it’s really fun to have the ability to have two game modes to choose from, which both have great qualities.


The game also has a great winning potential as the free spins feature also have an extra cash feature, awarded for collected symbols. For now this game seems to be very exciting with the potential to award you with impressive wins and that’s the most important detail for us.


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