Countless slot and poker games have been released in the market that captured the hearts of many online poker game fanatics. With its popularity and demand, game developers came up with new games incorporating different teams like Bridesmaids Pokie.


Theme of The Game

Bridesmaids Pokie is an upcoming online pokie game to release in August. Developed by Microgaming this game utilizes Bridesmaids theme as obtained from the popular film of the same title. The film starred Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Rebel Wilson, and other famous female stars. Bridesmaids was a comedy film hit in 2011 and even Roger Raatgever, Microgaming CEO, commented positively about the film, giving credit to its hilarious storyline and great cast ensemble.


Microgaming utilized this theme legally after obtaining license from Universal Partnerships & Licensing and promote the game. Receiving the license helped Microgaming to include Bridesmaids to its long line of film-branded games like Battlestar Galactica, Tomb Raider Series, and Jurassic Park.


Being patterned from a popular film, the game’s dashboard will show images of Bridesmaids stars and even including a clip when ever players win a big line. The celebrities’ images are integrated as reel symbols on the game.

How To Play It

The game shows amazing images and crisp details, giving way for players to enjoy this game on HD televisions if preferred. Since the game is patterned after the film, game previews show that its main game dashboard include bridesmaid-related color themes like pink, rose and white.

Bridesmaids Pokie is reported to have 40 paylines and five reels that will be used for gaming. Players can play the game using Microgamin’s flash or download it for playing and enjoy its offers. Players can also choose to play in real money mode or in free play mode according on their preferences.


Special Features

This game offers a long list of bonus rounds that also include clips as part of the bonus pack. Players will be directed to the bonus round upon seeing three or more bonus symbols. The bonus round gives players the chance to choose from four cupcakes, which is the symbol used for the bonus. Upon choosing a cupcake, the dashboard will show a multiplier that will boost the prize.

Users will spin the Bonus Wheel. Players will then receive their winnings after showing additional multipliers like multiplying the prize, bonus features, or a jackpot prize. Its bonus features are divided into two types: the Picking Bonuses and Free Spins Rounds.


Maximum Payouts

Being a preview, there’s no actual report stating maximum payouts to win in playing Bridesmaids Pokie. However, the bonuses alone sounds like fun and can help players win higher bounties and enjoy the game.



Bridesmaids Pokie is a promising game as indicated by its bonuses and other features. It is also a great game recommended for Bridesmaids fans who can’t get enough of the game. It’s a fun-filled game players can trust given that Microgaming is behind the platform. Microgaming is a brand that gained utmost popularity in the world of online casino games, which ensures this game is no exception when it comes to prize amount and overall enjoyment.

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