Bikini Party

Bikini Part is set in between the lines, of a sandy, beach volleyball court. This pokie has an abundance of beautiful, females that giggle between the reels.


The skimpy clothed, girls that jump and jiggle between the reels, give this pokie sex appeal. Sex sells and Microgaming, are denying players nothing, with the animations, in this one.


Despite their name Microgaming are one of the largest online pokie developers, doing it. They claim to have been the first online developer, which is reasonable. They launched their first online casino in 1994. They are an American company, and they have released over 600 titles, since 1994.


A good pokie is expected when it is released by Microgaming. There previous titles are renowned among players for exceptional gameplay. They do let the graphics slip from time to time. However, they usually make up for it with quality features, and big winning potential


Bikini party is a five-reel pokie. The reels are strung up between, two bamboo poles. It is set on the beach. The game begins with an intro sequence. It is well animated and designed to show the girls volleyball skill. One at a time, they slide onto the screen in a seductive pose, and jiggle something. Microgaming are very aware who they are marketing to. Overall, it is a well-designed pokie.


The colour scheme gives it a cheerful feel, and the animations are great. There is a generic, Microgaming panel at the bottom of the reels. They have used this configuration of game controls before, and chosen to go with black. This was an odd design choice, as it goes against everything they were trying to do with the theme. The panel while simple enough to use, looks out of place, in this game.

How to play

As proudly displayed on the interface, there are 243 ways to win Bikini Party. A game with 243 paylines, will win if a matching symbol falls anywhere on the next reel. Paylines are played left to right, meaning that the first reel in a symbol must fall in the furthermost reel to the left.


Bets are adjusted in the panel, and must be placed before the player spins to take effect. Both the coin size, and the amount of coins wagered can be adjusted. For more information about paylines, bets and symbol values, the player can bring up the information menu, with the play tab on the right of the screen.

Special Features

Bikini Party has a free spins feature. It is triggered by landing three of the Volleyball Symbols anywhere on the reels. 15 free spins, are given to the player, to try win big. Microgaming has decided to lend a helping hand, and included a 3x multiplier, for the duration of the spins. The background image changes in the free spins feature. To show an evening over the ocean, with a few palm trees.
Bikini Party’s unique feature, allows players to respin an individual reel. There is a variable cost associated with doing so, dependent on the likelihood of the potential win. If the player is likely to win big, by respining the reel, it will cost more to do so. This great feature, allows the player another shot at landing a big win. It can be more lucrative, to spin for a five symbol win, repeatedly, then to spin all the reels, again.

Maximum Payout

In true Microgaming fashion, the jackpot is outstanding. The highest five in a row is worth 200,000 credits at max bet. There is potential to triple that in the free spins feature and an adventurous player could try and re-spin the win, for another.


Bikini party is one of Microgaming’s better titles. Letting player respin reels, adds an element to this pokie, and at least give the appearance of strategy. The free spins are a good break from basic gameplay and the 3x multiplier makes it worth the players while. Overall, this is a great pokie.

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