Bar Bar Black Sheep

This pokie is themed around the classic children’s Nursery rhyme. The catchy tune that asked a black sheep if it had wool is the inspiration, behind these five reels.


The developers have imagined up a colourful farm background, and thrown in all the things, which a sheep might encounter in life. It is cartoony with unnaturally green grass.


Bar Bar Black Sheep was developed, by Microgaming. Despite their name, Microgaming is one of the largest pokie developers in the industry. They are a forerunner for online pokie development, partially due to some first mover’s advantage. Microgaming were the first online pokie developer and they released the first online casino in 1994.


Since then, they have released over 800 games that is a lot of experience, making games. It shows in their titles. Microgaming, for the most part make a good game. They do the basics right and, are to be commended for their gameplay. What can let them down is they neglect the aesthetics of their games and they do not always look the part.



Bar Bar Black sheep is set in a colourful farm. It had a cartoony feel about it, and gives the impression that the black sheep came from the magical wonder farm we all imagined in our childhood. An interesting element to this games design, is that the theme has been included into the games paylines.


This effects the games symbols and the high value symbols are representative of the nursery rhyme. The low value symbols are all generic fruit symbols.


It is an all-around great design, which makes for an attractive game. Everything is very neat and tidy and the graphics are crisp. The pokie has some animations to tie it all together. It is a 5×4 pokie with generic game controls under the reels.

How to play

There are fifteen paylines in Bar Bar Black Sheep. The player spins the reels with the Spin Button found among the game controls. While the reels spin a pseudorandom number generator will calculate a configuration of symbols on the reels, and they will pop onto the screen. A payline is a way, in which, the player will win if the symbols land. It is a sequence of adjacent, matching symbols across multiple reels.


There are also special feature in the pokie, triggered by landing certain symbols. The bet is adjusted before a spin to have it, take effect the next time the reels are spun, in the game’s controls. For more information about paylines, symbol values and bets consult the Paytable, brought up with the Info Button.

Special Features

A line of the nursery rhyme triggers all of the special features, in Bar Bar Black Sheep. A Bar Symbol followed by another Bar Symbol, and then a Black Sheep Symbol triggers the Bar Bar Black Sheep bonus. It is an in reel feature that brings up a small white set of reels. There are three reel in the set, each with 1 through to 9 in them. The reels spin and land a number between 111 and 999. This is multiplied by the line win of the symbols.


If the player land three bags of wool on the reels, well the wool are the scatter symbols so it would surely unlock a bonus game or something. It does, a free spins game, with a 3x multiplier and more of the Bar and Black Sheep symbols. The player is given 10 free spins in the highly lucrative game mode to make bank, played at the value of the bet, which unlocked them.

Maximum Payout

A good indication of how much effort Microgaming put into a title is the size of the jackpot, and they have spared no expense with a massive £95,000 up for grabs. It is not hard to imagine where these numbers come from in a game with a 999x stake multiplier.


This is one of the better games, which Microgaming has released this year. It is a bright and colourful title with crisp graphics, and exciting, lucrative, gameplay. The themed is done well, and the special features both lead to awe inspiring winnings.

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