Nordic Heroes

Nordic Heroes, has a historical theme, and has revived the hardened north men of Scandinavia. Men and woman alike, waged war against neighbouring tribes. Raiding, was a way of life, and their culture has been made into endless television shows. Thora and Ragnar venture through the Forest of Fortune and the Sea of Glory on a quest to find riches.


Nordic Heroes is a new game developed by IGT. IGT is one of the, longest serving, veterans of the world of online pokies. They are an American company, who manufacture roughly half of the land based pokie machines in the United States. They are a giant of a company, who have long list of titles behind them.


Their games, offer extensive betting options and good RTPs. But they disappoint, when it comes to things like graphics and they are not that original. Their online pokies are a little too similar to their land based ones. An online pokie game, to put it blunt, needs to be better than a land based one.


They are played on screens, away from the casino. A casino has atmosphere, bright lights and cold drinks. An online pokie competes against this, and does so with superior graphic and gameplay. IGT don’t always compete.


Nordic Heroes is not an attractive game. Its graphics are antiquated. It looks untidy, and it is not an attractive design. Nordic Heroes is a five reel pokie. The panel is located at the bottom of the screen, it houses all the games buttons. The Spin Button is found in the middle of the panel.


Nordic Heroes has different background images dependent on the realm. The player unlocks different realms as they level up, more on that in the “Special Features” section. On the left of the screen there is a bar which displays the player’s available weapons, items and abilities.

How to Play

Nordic Heroes have 30 paylines, played left to right. This means that the first reel of the winning payline, has to be in the furthermost reel to left.


For more information about paylines, bring up the paytable, using the Paytable Button, at the bottom of the interface. The reels are spun with the Spin Button found in the panel. The player adjust bets before the spin, to have them take effect in the next one.

Special Features

Nordic Heroes has some console game element, in the gameplay. Realms and characters are unlocked by levelling up, which In turn requires the collection of EX points.


EX points are gathered by defeating monsters in the Battle Bonus. The Battle Bonus is triggered by landing three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, but they are only found on reels 1,3 and 5. In the Battle Bonus the character spins the reels, defeating monsters, until they run up of health, or kill all three monsters.


Defeating all three monsters unlocks victory spins, for more information see the paytable. Leveling up, makes the characters more powerful, and it is easier to defeat monsters. There are also multipliers attached to the levels. As a general rule, the player will win more credits, with a higher level.
The Mystery Multiplier Feature can trigger after any base game win that does not also trigger the Battle Bonus. Outcomes are paid only after the Multiplier Reel resolves. The player’s current level determines the set of possible multipliers.

Maximum Payout.

The highest value symbol in the game is the Wild Symbol, which pays 1500 credits for a five in a row win. This is not the maximum payout in this one. There are up to 30x multipliers, which will win a lot better than a five in a row win.


Nordic Heroes, puts an interesting spin on the conventional pokie game. It is great to see IGT, trying something different, as they are known to pump out identical games with different skins.


There are great features, which are difficult to get ones head around, but come with some big win potential. The console elements of this game, differentiate it and keeps players interesting. This is an all-round great tile, but it unfortunately does not look very nice.

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