Natural Powers

This online slot game is themed around four natural elements which are; ice wind fire and earth. These four elements have been captured very well by four super heroines in the slot game with each of them having their special powers


How to play it

The slot machine has forty pay lines which are active on default. Each line gives you an opportunity to stake from one to fifty credits and a bonus stake of twenty coins. In total, you can easily stake from sixty credits to up to three thousand credits.  The Natural Powers Slot Machine comes with four standard symbols, free fall option, special elements, free spin, bonus rounds and extra interesting features of the game play.


To play and win, you need to get combinations of similar symbols next to each other in the same line. The symbols ought to be on the active lines and they should start from the first left reel. The most valuable combination in each line will be considered as a win. It is possible to make several paid combinations on different lines in a single spin. With the free fall feature, the symbols forming the winning combination will disappear as soon as the payoffs have been charged and new icons drop in their positions.


You can calculate the amount of payoff you will receive by taking the bet line and multiplying by the combination index provided on the table and it ranges from ten times to four thousand times. If you have several combinations, all the winning combinations are summarized and at the end of the round all the money won is transferred to your account automatically.



The Special Features in Natural Powers Slot Machine

This slot game has features or symbols that have different supernatural capabilities and you will experience it as you play the game. The two symbolic special features are Wild which is a proper title, and a Bonus which is an image of all the heroines together.  The wild symbol is located at the three central reels and it does not form any combinations on its own. It basically replaces any other basic symbol when necessary.


The bonus is found on the first, third and fifth reels and it is available on the main game only. When you see the symbols on the three reels at the same time, it means that the prize win round is starting. The prize spins come in four versions and you need to choose one before you start playing and they include;


Fire – you get five free spins with extra multipliers of eight times to ten times.


Wind – you get eight free spins with extra multipliers of three times to five times.


Ice – you get twelve free spins with an extra multiplier of three times to five times.


Earth – you get fifteen free spins with extra multipliers of two times to four times.


Generally the amount of the bet is the same as in the previous regular round, with the extra multiplier in force with every free spin and its size is determined randomly.


Maximum payouts

With the Natural Powers Slot Machine there is not progressive jackpot to be raffled. You simply take home what you win in your spins and free fall bonus. After playing your regular spins, you can trigger the mysterious bonuses which are named after the natural elements as well. This is what happens when you trigger each of them;


Wind blows away the elements of fire and ice and it drops new icons in their place, Earth covers some random symbols giving space for new icons,  Fire burns all the elements of fire of earth and wind and other icons replace them. Ice freezes some of the elements selected by a random number generator to give space for new icons.  Super Team appears in the full force in case two 2 bonus symbols drop from the screen and it is called the third bonus that starts the prize spins.


Where to Play the Natural Powers Slot Machine Online

This slot machine is available online and you can play it from your home easily. If you like the casino experience you can visit the best casinos around which are Vegas paradise and Jackpot paradise and play the game online. You will get a welcome bonus of $200 as a new player. Gaming online has never been this good.




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