Clash of Queens



Clash of Queens is a fairy tale themed pokie, in which a Red and a White Queen clash. There is no specific fairy tale that this pokie is based on. It has Humpty Dumpty, and an enchanted forest, but it just has elements of different stories, throw together to make this pokie.




Genesis Gaming is the developer responsible for Clash of Queens. They are a smaller pokie developer founded in 2008. They release regular titles, but are not that well known a developer. For the most part, they make a quality game, with great graphics and gameplay. They are let down by sub-par RTPs and low value jackpots.


There are many developers, which make games, which play nicely but do not look nice. Genesis Gaming’s games always look nice but on occasion are let down by their gameplay. They have some excellent titles, and this is just a massive generalisation. Read on to find out how Clash of Queens performs.



Clash of Queens is a set in a dark and gloomy enchanted forest. It just screams fantasy there is a silhouetted castle in the background. It is a nice looking pokie, with a nice open, clean, feel about it. There are transparent reels and animated symbols.


Genesis Gaming have brought some crisp graphics to the reels, and animated the background image into motion. Leaves fall from the trees. The reels are between a gate, possibly for the castle behind it. There is a dark and gloomy, choice of colours, which work well with the theme.


These queens are a little bit evil and the pokie design reinforces that. The players balance, bet and winnings are all displayed in value boxes under the reels. The spin button is on the right of the reels and all the games additional options are on the left.


How to play


There are twenty-five paylines in Clash of Queens, which means the player can win twenty-five different ways. The player should look at the Paytable, as it shows how to make all the winning lines in the game. Like all pokies, it is a game of chance, so knowing what counts as a win will not make the slightest difference.


The reels are spun with the Spin Button on the right of the reels, and after a spin animation, during which a pseudo-random number generator decides the player’s symbols they stop. If the symbols that landed on the reels are arranged in accordance, with one of the payline in the Paytable.


The player is rewarded the win value times their bet. Betting higher will win bigger but obviously costs more money. The bet can be adjusted at any time before the spin, the player wishes to have it take effect.


Special Features


The special features in Clash of Queens are based around the two queens and their clash. There is a Clash of Queens Battle feature, which is triggered when the player lands both queens on opposing sides of the reels. To simplify it, if the player lands the Red Queen in the first reel and the White Queen in the fifth, or vice versa that will trigger the bonus game. The Clash of Queen Bonus feature is an animated battle.


Before it begins, the player chooses the crown of the Red Queen, which will take them to a free spins game, or the White Queen which will take them to a pick and choose game. The queens battle on a chessboard, shooting lightning at one another as their health rises and falls. If the queen the player selected wins the clash features are rewarded in the game they chose. If their queen loses the player still plays that game.


If the player chose the Red Queen’s crown was picked, and the Red Queen won the player is rewarded 8 free spins, but if the White Queen won then the player is only give 4 free spins to play with. In the free spins feature the Red Queen will turn reels into expanding wilds, which makes it a lucrative game.


The White Queen feature is a pick and choose game set on a chessboard. Each piece has winning values under it, and the player chooses between them, until they reveal the collect. At which point the game ends and the winnings are added to the bankroll. If the White Queen won, there is a 4x multiplier in this game mode.


Maximum Payout


There is a reported jackpot of 187,500 coins, which would be won with luck and a bunch of high value symbols. The highest five in a row win is 750 coins, won with either the Red or the White Queen symbol. There are some big wins in this game, especially in the bonus games with a 4x multiplier and expanding wilds.




This game stands out. It is well themed, looks great and wins big. The bonus features differentiate this pokie, and are lucrative. Genesis Gaming has done well with this title, and players will enjoy the battle between the queens.

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