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Betway_250x250LogoWhen you get to Betway Casino’s website, the splash front page shows you just how big a company Betway is and how it encompasses a wide range of online games, sportsbetting programs and of course, pokies. The page divides each into its own fields- Sports, Casino, Vegas, Poker and Bingo.

Ultimately, only the Vegas aspect of Betway will be covered in this review, because that is where the pokies are. Betway Casino is a brand name run under Betway Limited, a Maltese company that is fully regulated and licensed in Great Britain and outside by the MGA, or the Malta Gaming Authority.

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Software Providers

There is a special page in the website of Betway Casino where all sorts of pokies are introduced as soon as you finish signing up. Betway Casino is solely regulated by the software giant of casino gaming world, Microgaming.

This arrangement ensures that only the best software pokies that Microgaming puts out gets featured first in Betway Casino. This exclusiveness may put off some of Microgaming’s fans should they choose to play on another pokie website, but those are just minor annoyances in the overall picture.

Microgaming is out in full force as Betway Casino dazzles with its best pokies that are offered in the website. The pokies can either be played instantly and it can also be downloaded for an added convenience.

As one of the highest rated casino gaming software in today’s industry, Microgaming pokies feature high-quality graphics, amazing and realistic sound effects, great animations, and more importantly, unique and interesting bonuses in each virtual machine. Betway Casino is not to be outdone and moves forward in innovative pokies that are progressive video slots, and some very well-known licensed pokies, as highlighted below.

Top 5 Pokies Offered

1. Jurassic Park Pokie – a 3-reel slot that leads the front among the world, with a 3-coin maximum bet that ranges from a quarter to $10 that produces some of the highest payouts across the board. Escape with your life on the line, or ride with the dinosaurs and discover a massive jackpot of prizes.

2. The Lord of the Rings Pokie – some of the massively popular pokies are licensed with movies of the same title. Case in point- LOTR is a blockbuster hit in the movies worldwide, and it is no coincidence that this pokie has a lot of followers that faithfully play it. Not only is it famous, it also offers a pretty big bonus in maximum bets.

3. The Dark Knight Pokie- a licensed pokie game that is also considered a progressive slots game, the Dark Knight (Batman), shares a jackpot with the most sought-after pokie game in the web, Megamoolah, but it has enough unique features to make it stand as a legend on its own.

4. Megamoolah Pokie– the online pokie game that everyone is talking about. This is the Titanic of the slots world, with a payout that can very well amount to thousands, or millions of dollars. The Megamoolah has 4 random jackpots hidden in its 5-reel, 25-payline facade and has many bonuses, wilds, scatters and multiplayer to keep it infinitely interesting.

5. Megamoolah Isis Pokie- features the same payout potential as Megamoolah, but has a different theme overall. Cleopatra rules over this online slots, and it is up to you to uncover the treasures hidden within.

Signup Bonus

Amidst the glitz and glamour on the Betway Casino website are large fonts that invite players to sign up for big bonuses. How much of a bonus is it to register and play? Not only one, but 3 signup bonuses! The first deposit entitles the player to a 100% Match Bonus amounting up to $250.

The second time of deposit will provide players with a 25% Match Bonus that amounts up to $250, while the third deposit gives up to 50% Match Bonus for up to $500.


In conclusion, Betway Casino has all the makings needed to be a great website to play pokies and other games in. Their pokies are something to be very excited about, and it entices new players and experienced ones alike with their progressive pokies. The signup bonus is a very tempting offer, and that alone will generate desire in hundreds of thousands of online players.

It can also be played on various platforms such as Windows, Android, Mac and iOS, and therefore will leave you with no excuse but to sign up and immerse yourself in the world of pokies.

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