Weekend in Vegas

BetSoft has released yet another stellar slot machine called Weekend in Vegas. This time around the idea is based around three unlucky friends headed out to try to make it big on the strip.


How to Play

Like any slot machine it all starts with the basics of how much you can bet, or how little, depending on how safe you plan on playing it. .02 to 1.00 coins are available with a bet limit ranging from one to five. Auto play settings allow you to set your coin and automatic spin amount with a slick slider interface to adjust to any screen size. Five to 100 total automatic plays can be set.

The traditional 10 through Ace symbols are present as well as a police car which animates as the SCATTER bonus. A stripper pole with showing just legs, is the final piece of the basic layout. The three characters, Loony Larry, Balanced Ben and Cautious Chris all have 3 column symbols that offer the same payout regardless of you who you get. A Vegas Strip sign acts as a wild for all symbols besides SCATTER.



Special Features

Wild, SCATTER Free Spins and Vegas Strip Bonus plays are all a big part of the game. SCATTER offers payouts as well as additional spins which then doubles all bay outs and offers the chance for more free spins. After you run out you then spin on the Money Wheel for free, which has huge payouts the farther in you get. Green arrows are mixed among payouts of varying sizes. The arrows allow you to move to the next tier.


Three or more reels filled with the same character, Chris, Larry or Ben triggers a bonus round. During this bonus round the character will try to make a run on casinos as you choose through the strip. Larry has a better big win, with less frequent wins, Chris plays it safe but always wins small, and Ben is a mixture of the two with some small wins, no wins, and huge wins all mixed together.


The double up mini-game allows you to flip a coin to earn double on your prize. If you lose, you lose all winnings, if you win, you can keep flipping until you either lose or feel that you have pushed your luck enough.


Maximum Payouts

1,210,500 credits is the maximum payout as advertised right as the game opens up. This can mean big winnings in a game full of plenty of chances to win it big. With 243 pay lines you are going to see wins coming up pretty frequently as you chase those big ones.



Weekend in Vegas is another fantastic online slot machine from one of the premier slot companies. With attractive slow surroundings featuring each of the characters, and art that evokes some sort of story that you just want to know more about, the machine can be viewed for hours without getting tired.


Simple music in the background is not so intrusive as to slowly drive you crazy, but sets the mood just right to keep you humming long after you finish spinning. The mini-game that comes up when you get three of a particular character feels more like an adventure game than a simple slot machine. Kudos to Betsoft for making another machine that feels like a real labor of love.


On the surface it may look like just another slot machine built for the current digital age, but once you start digging more into the bets you’ll see just how much care has gone into the finer details on this machine. While I would have like to see SCATTER or Wilds appear a bit more frequently, the payouts seemed to come at a fair enough pace that I didn’t feel like I had no chance of coming out ahead. As a matter of fact, I rarely found myself on a real dry spell for long and often came out ahead when one of the main characters showed up.


Where to Play

Vegas Paradise and Jackpot Paradise both offer this new slow with welcome bonus of $/£200. On top of that, You’ll also be able to take part in their promotions, VIP club and anything else that’s offered.

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