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Bally Just Launched Titanic Pokie Machine

titanic-slot-logoThe Titanic video pokie is a game from Bally, one of the top names in the world of online gaming. The game is based on James Cameron’s famous film about the noteworthy ship and has scenes of the movie all around to make it more entertaining.

Bally has used its experience in generating great video pokies to create this fun Titanic pokie. The game has been arranged with a series of videos all around. In fact, this pokie has been used at various casinos that Bally has some of its games in. It is just bringing this and many other Bally games out to the online world so more people can get access to these thrilling games.

This game features images of various characters from the famous movie. It also includes a number of iconic symbols from the film and even has a soundtrack that is heavily based on what was heard in the film. This offers a great appearance that is thrilling for all players to look forward to.

What We Love

One of the best parts of this game is that it offers a fun series of bonus games that are based off of the many characters of the Titanic movie. These games offer plenty of free spins and multipliers. In addition, a player can get big payouts when more coins are spent on a game.

This works without any traditional lines as well, thus offering more ways for people to win. However, a player will need to spend more money on a game in order to actually get the best possible payouts off of it, what with the great challenge involved with it.

titanic slot screenshot big

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The progressive jackpot is a particularly fun feature of the game. This is a jackpot that will come to those who spend the most money on the pokie and can be hard to attain, what with the progressive symbols being so scarce around the place. However, a player could potentially win thousands of dollars off of the pokie. The progressive jackpot does not have any limits as to what it can bring in either.

What We Don’t Like

The game has a design that is a little too similar to many other video pokies out that. That is, there isn’t anything overly revolutionary or special about the game when compared with others. As fun as the game is, it is still something that is a little too regular.

Also, the special video and audio features don’t really come into play until a player gets a big payout. This does technically encourage the player to keep playing and trying to win something big.

Worth Playing?

Those who are fans of the Titanic movie and want to find something fun to play with will love the Titanic video pokie. This is an exciting pokie that has a fun appearance that will encourage people to play and have fun.

Be sure to try this game out when looking for a fun game to play as it is a thrilling option that will certainly be entertaining for all to play with.

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