Ace Ventura

Ace Ventura Pet Detective, is a Jim Carrey movie, from all the way back in the simple times of 1994.

In the film Ace, played by Jim Carrey, was a private detective, specialising in animal crime. It was a comedy that never stood the test of time, but Playtech have decided to theme a slot on it, anyway.


Ace Ventura Pet Detective is a new slot by Playtech. They are based in the Isle of Man, and are one of the bigger game developers. They agree with this claim, and call themselves” The world’s largest gambling software and services supplier.” Their past titles, are to be commended for their superior graphics, and game play. In a nutshell, they make good games.


Ace Ventura Pet Detective was a playful humorous movie, and because of this Playtech have made a colourful, light-hearted slot. The Background is a light blue colour and the reels are bordered by bright crooked yellow and pink square things, with bites taken out of them. It is a really well designed slot.


The white reels do a great job offsetting the colourful interface. And the panel is again crooked, all over the place and colourful. The game has lots of animations for all the various bonus features. This improve the appearance of the game, and makes it more fluid. The Spin Button is located on the right of the panel.

How to Play

Ace Ventura Pet Detective, has 243 way to win, in the Base Game. The player spins the reels with the Spin Button, found in the panel. Bets can be adjusted whenever the reels are not in motion. They are adjusted with the Plus and Minus Buttons in the value box.


The game has a minimum coin value of £.01 and a maximum coin value of £.40. The value box on the other side of the panel, to the betting options, displays the monetary value of the payers bet. The player can only control the coin value, and this value is multiplied by the amount of coins, which is permanently set to 40.


Payouts shown in the pay table are multiplied by the coin value. If the player would like additional information about symbol values, payline and betting, they should open this information by pressing the Info Button, in the panel.

Special Features

Ace Ventura Pet Detective, has a lot of features. There are three in reel features, six Animal Modifiers, a Free Spins Game, a Wild Symbol and a Scatter Symbol. That is not a bad haul.


The Animal Modifiers, are collected in the Base Game, and used in the Free Spins Game. There are six of them, but the player can only take two, with the option to unlock a third, into the base game. They perform a range of different tasks. If the player has already collected an Animal Modifier it rewards a cash price.


The Shark Animal Modifier rewards extra free games. The Elephant Animal Modifier, will expand the player’s reels. The Gorilla Animal Modifier upgrades a symbol. The Bat Animal Modifier deposits random wilds. The Bird Animal Modifier places a multiplying wild on the third reel and the Dolphin Animal Modifier is a mystery win multiplier.


In the Jungle Friends feature, Ace calls upon his jungle friends, who fly around the reels depositing wilds. The sneaky walk feature, is triggered at random and it causes Ace to walk across the interface spinning reels as he goes. In The loser feature, Ace will spin the reels at random, increasing the multiplier until the player wins.

All of these features are triggered at random and they ensure that the playing will not go through a losing streak. This will keep the player interested in the game, it is an easy game to play for hours on end.

Maximum Payout

The player’s win will equal the bet times the values shown in the coin table. The highest value symbol in the pay table is the Ace Ventura Badge Symbol, which has a five in a row coin value of 200.


This is worth €3200 at maximum bet. This is by no means the maximum payout. Factoring in the multiplying wild, the Free Spins Game and the Loser Feature, player stand to win big in this one.


Ace Ventura Pet Detective, is the best game Playtech have released in years. It has the features of ten slots, and promises to stretch bank rolls and entertain. This game is designed in a way, which makes losing streaks impossible. There are three in reel features, six Animal Modifiers, a Free Spins Game, a Wild Symbol and a Scatter Symbol.

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